Published on Fri Jul 8 14:32:05 2011

The Vehicle Inspection Services business area has emerged as a natural development of AUTOCOM's range of products and services. 

"After having worked on multibrand diagnostics for over 20 years, we have acquired a lot of knowledge and relevant experience of working in relation to statutory vehicle tests and inspections. The statutory requirements placed on our products and services will primarily concern the environment and safety," says Martin Ålund, Business Area Manager, Vehicle Inspection Services. 

The business area will focus on offering niche products and services to companies and organisations that work on vehicle inspections in various ways. The services that will be offered include working as a partner on development projects, supplying knowledge and supplying content and software. 

AUTOCOM's product GENERIC has been developed for this purpose and is used by Sweden's biggest inspection body for statutory periodic inspection, Svensk Bilprovning. Vehicle Inspection Services will also work closely with vehicle makers, the police and the military.

We will soon present more information regarding our new businessarea, Vehicle Inspection Services here at


Published on Fri Jul 8 14:31:31 2011

AUTOCOM's hardware department has been working for several years to develop the next generation of Vehicle Communication Interface – VCI, which is marketed under the name CDP+. In May, the new CDP+ was presented at AUTOCOM's distributor meeting in Stockholm before its commercial launch in July. 

CDP+ was developed in close collaboration with users in the workshop environment to ensure that it included smart functions that were in demand and also to understand the users and develop functions that are not yet in demand in some cases. 

In addition to future-proofing all technical components and improving all internal parts, we have also focused strongly on including functions that contribute to enhancing the potential for diagnostics. 

The primary function for this is Flight Recorder, which allows you to connect CDP+ to the diagnostics socket and take it with you on the road. Flight Recorder registers the status of all vehicle data and records any faults in connection with the specific situation in which they occur. This makes it easier to find intermittent faults. 

Another observation we made when we studied users was that it can be difficult to find the diagnostics socket in dark, tight spaces in vehicles. Therefore, we developed an LED lamp at the front of the contact. This is a small detail but it is very useful to our customers. 

In addition to these functions, we have also improved the physical design, integrated a Bluetooth antenna and fitted a smart attachment device to the equipment. 

"We have spent a lot of time on analysing and developing functions that make the working day easier for those who use our diagnostics tools. We are sure that we will exceed our customers' expectations with the new CDP+," says Martin Larsson, Development Manager in AUTOCOM's Hardware Development Department.