Improve vehicle intelligence to create a more reliable world.

We believe that we can contribute to a more reliable world. Vehicles diagnosed with our products are on the roads 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes the reliability of our products crucial and we never compromise with it. Reliability is not only about getting the right information so that you can repair or serve a vehicle when needed, it´s also about returning home safely to your family at night or having a vehicle that delivers products to customers at the right time.


The right vehicle information at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

All our research and development is based on our vision. It´s about having the right information at hand when you need it and wherever you need it, no matter if you are driving in the desert at night or if you are in the workshop with all the necessary tools at hand. Using our vision we can create products and services for new needs and requirements. Because who knows how we will supply the right vehicle information in the future? Maybe we will make vehicles talk.



Our core values influence everything we do, from the development of new products and services to how we treat our clients and distributors. The words might seem obvious but we believe that if we always keep them in mind it will help make AUTOCOM a respected company with a promising future.



Means being a trustful partner in all kinds of situations and developing products that provide the customer with relevant and reliable information anytime and anywhere.


Means that we should be a flexible organisation that provides diagnostic solutions that are easy to use.


Means being innovative and in the front line of the business and technology, which demands courage, passion and imagination.