Success in Frankfurt!

Published on Mon Sep 17 06:59:16 2018

Another Automechanika has come to an END,
Another success for Autocom has Begun!

We want to say Thank you! to all our visitors for engaging meetings and many new opportunities.

Now, after the exhibition we look forward to a lot of work and new challenges to evolve all ideas and
innovations that came up.

But, the exhibition is nothing without visitors, so once again,

Thank you!

Automechanika Frankfurt

Published on Mon Sep 10 07:00:11 2018

A brand new Autocom at Automechanika in Frankfurt, September 11-15!


If you are in Frankfurt this week, drop by our stand and take the possibility to experience an updated version of Autocom!  Several new products and interesting concepts will be presented and we will launch our brand new graphical design.


Welcome to Hall 9.0. stand D06!

Autocom at Vestfyn Traekker

Published on Mon May 21 14:40:56 2018

Autocom will participate at Vestfyn Trækker 25th to 27th of May in Ejby in Denmark, together with our distributor EUROPART Danmark A/S. Vestfyn Trækker is Denmark´s biggest outdoor transport exhibition, with 150 exhibitors.

Visit us to experience our TRUCKS diagnostics and our new product Autocom Trailer Tester – A unique solution for testing truck trailers.


For more information please visit:

Release 2018.10 out NOW!

Published on Thu May 3 12:45:38 2018

In this release, over 70 brands from 1997 to 2018 on CARS and TRUCKS have been updated.

We have added a lot of new models, systems, engines and features to our database.


Highlights in the 2018.10 release can be found here:  >>

Read more about the content in the database here:  CARS  TRUCKS

Autocom at Expo Mecanica

Published on Fri Apr 13 06:25:03 2018

Iberequipe, distributor of Autocom products in Portugal, is exhibiting at the Expo Mechanica exhibition. It is held close to Porto, Portugal on April 20-23 2018

Please visit them at pavilion 5, lane B, stand no. 11

They will show you the best vehicle diagnostic system and give you tips and ideas for a better business

Homepage of exhibition:

Autocom exhibits at Autopro Salo

Published on Wed Apr 4 06:59:38 2018

MIAC, distributor of Autocom products in Spain, is exhibiting at the Autoprosalo exhibition. It is held in Barcelona, Spain on April 13-14 2018

Please visit them at stand no. 35

They will show you the best vehicle diagnostic system and also the new AC service machines from Autocom

Homepage of exhibition:

Automessen 2018

Published on Wed Feb 7 08:54:52 2018

Autocom´s distributors Mekonomen, Promeister, Preqas & Meca are participating at Automessen 7 – 10 februari in Lilleström, Norway.

Welcome to Automessen 2018 and see the Autocom´s new products within vehicle diagnostics!

For more information;

2018.00 Release News

Published on Thu Dec 14 12:11:52 2017

A great new feature in release 2018.00 is the ability to run DoIP (Diagnostics over IP) on new Volvo cars. A new cable adaptor is available.

Read about all updated models, systems and features in our release news here:




Published on Mon Nov 13 15:18:58 2017

AUTOCOM distributor Iberequipe will participate at the exhibition mecânica in Lisbon 24 – 26 November.

Find out more about AUTOCOM product news and visit Iberequipe stand 3C10!

For more information about mecânica exhibition;

For more information about Iberequipe and their products and services please visit;

2017.10 Release News

Published on Tue May 9 12:24:29 2017

CARS and TRUCKS vehicle databases are updated with a total of 7790 systems in 1175 models between 1997 and 2017.

Read about all updated models, systems and features in our release news here:



Autocom Diagnostic Products at EXPOMECÂNICA

Published on Mon Apr 3 13:29:29 2017

AUTOCOM portuguese distributor IBEREQUIPE and their reseller MERPEÇAS, will participate at the fair ExpoMECÂNICA which takes place at theEXPONOR - Porto International Fair, during 7 – 9 April.


You are welcome to visit their stand number G616 for news and demonstrations about AUTOCOM diagnostic product range.


For more information about ExpoMECÂNICA please go to


Published on Thu Feb 23 09:11:51 2017

AUTOCOM distributor in Italy, A-ONE, will show our products at the exhibition Autopromotec in Bologna 24 – 28 May.

Welcome to A-ONE stand no. E16 in hall 14, for demos of AUTOCOM diagnostic product range for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and buses.

For more information about Autopromotec please visit;

For more information about A-ONE and their products and services please visit;


Published on Thu Feb 9 08:23:29 2017

AUTOCOM distributor MIAC, active in Spain, Portugal and South America, will show our product range at the exhibition Motortec Automechanika in Madrid 15 – 18 March.

MIAC will also inform about added value services like MIAC hotline, DaWeb online technical data for workshops and training courses.

Welcome to MIAC stand no. 6C07 in hall 6, for demos of AUTOCOM diagnostic product range for passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and buses.


For more information about Motortech please visit;


For more information about MIAC and their products and services please visit;

Auto Trade EXPO

Published on Fri Oct 7 13:50:35 2016

Autocom at Auto Trade EXPO in Ireland, Stand 2P.

Visit Autocom´s distibutor in Ireland, Logic Automotive in stand 2P, at Auto Trade EXPO in Dublin October 22nd -23rd  2016! 

Go to for more information about Logic Automotive.

Get your ticket to Auto Trade EXPO at


Published on Thu Oct 6 06:11:08 2016



Our new release 2016.20 is available and will be downloaded as an ISU directly on the user PC.

You can also download it from our website.

Download the installation package through the button below.


For most convenient process, Please use Chrome or Firefox to download the installation package.

On our website you can also find:

  • Release news

  • Application tables

  • Differentiation CDP Pro - CDP+


You find the information under “Release Download” and “Products


Published on Tue Aug 16 06:27:16 2016

Get connected to a world of information.

Autocom welcomes you to visit us at Automechanica in September 2016.

With more than twenty-five years of experince from advanced diagnostics development, we will show you our latest innovations within telematics and connectivity solutions. We can connect you to future markets by offering vehicle specific data, the way you need it.

During the event you will also have the opportunity to try AUTOCOM CONNECT portals for fleet and workshops.

Let this be the beginning of an excellent partnership. Welcome!

We look forward to see you in Autocom stand H43 in hall 8!



Published on Tue Apr 26 13:41:45 2016



Our new release 2016.10 is available and will be downloaded as an ISU directly on the user PC.

You can also download it from our website.

Download the installation package through the button below.

For most convenient process, Please use Chrome or Firefox to download the installation package.

On our website you can also find:

  • Release news

  • Application tables

  • Differentiation CDP Pro - CDP+


You find the information under “Support & Training” and “Products


Published on Mon Feb 1 09:11:06 2016

Introducing Info System – the perfect add on to CARS and TRUCKS. Info System gives you thorough descriptions of how to solve the identified problems on the vehicle after the fault reading. You chose between Basic, Plus and Max versions, depending on your needs. Info System is based on original manufacturer online data via Europe´s leading provider HaynesPro.



During the introduction period January 1st to June 30th 2016, users with a valid license for CARS and/or TRUCKS can sign up for 12 month license for any Info System and get extra 3 months without any extra cost. We will automatically synchronize the Info System license with the CARS/TRUCKS licenses so that they all get the same end date.


Published on Mon Feb 1 08:27:04 2016

Autocom will during 2016 discontinue the maintenance work of older products.

Therefore the CDP Pro will gradually be phased out.

  • CDP Pro units will not be repaired after June 1st
  • CDP Pro units will not be updated after November 30th.

Make sure to upgrade from CDP Pro to CDP+.

Please, contact Autocom more information.


Published on Mon Feb 1 08:21:30 2016

Our release called ”2016.00” will be the last one on DVD. If you still need to continue with DVD:s they will of course be available to order, but for a fee. The number of updates via ISU will now be increased and the number of “big” releases can be fluent since the ISU:s might alter the process to some extent.


Published on Mon Feb 1 08:16:09 2016



Some of our customers are using an old version of Autocom software and therefore risk to get incorrect diagnostic results. Our latest software versions have compared to earlier versions in 2014, been updated with more than 23 000 systems for CARS and TRUCKS on both new and old models. By using an old software version you miss out on important updates and warranties.


Please, contact your nearest Autocom distributor to make sure that you have the latest version.

2015 Autocom Distributor Meeting

Published on Tue Sep 8 06:21:48 2015

It is with great pleasure we meet many of our valued global distributor partners at 2015 Autocom Distributor Meeting september 9-10. During two days at the beautiful West Coast of Sweden we are looking forward to inspiring discussions.

Autocom staff will present future steps and upcoming news based on the power of Autocom product and strategies. By taking part in open discussions our partners get the opportunity to pave a new way forward in the industry and exchange ideas and information with new and old contacts.

And of course, we need the input from our partners to continuing develope market leading solutions.

End of Support - Windows XP

Published on Tue Aug 18 13:08:57 2015

From release 2.15.2 and onwards the Cars, Trucks and Generic applications will not function on Microsoft XP and we therefore urge our users to update their operating system to Windows 8 or 7. 

No more security updates or technical support from Microsoft 

After 12 years Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. From this point and onwards there has not been any more security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system.

Autocom changed its System requirements from release 2.14.2 to recommend  Windows 8 or Windows 7. Although the Cars, Trucks and Generic applications has still been working with XP we have not been able to guarantee the full functionality for XP users.


Published on Thu Jun 18 11:43:44 2015

AUTOCOM will be represented by our norwegian distributor Nordisk Diagnose Senter (NDS) at Transportmessa 2015 in Oslo, NORWAY.

The fair takes place between 18th-20th september 2015

NDS has a 81m2 big stand this year

More info about the show can be found at






Published on Wed Apr 1 09:39:55 2015


2015 Release 1 is a historic release. The database now covers more than
100 000 system selections with the ability to read fault codes, view realtime
data and make component activations, adjustments and programmings.
We have the users needs in focus and the database covers all functions
needed in the daily business for any workshop.

The information with photos to easily find the obd connector location in
the vehicle is improved and the database of vehicles is extended.
You can find this guide, either in the Vehicle Information selection or
by clicking the [Information] button in the connect window. 


The ability to automatically identify the correct vehicle in the diagnostic
software constantly improves. This ensures that the correct diagnostic
data is used when the diagnosis is performed. When ISI is used the
correct engine code is selected even if you make a mistake in the
specification of vehicle selection. In this way the human factor is
avoided and you can feel confident that the report from the diagnosis
is correct and reliable.


All OBD functions, like calibrations, adjustments and programmings, in
CARS and TRUCKS software have a comprehensive help instruction to
guide you through the work process. We constantly work to make our
products easier to use. One part of this is to make the information in the
software easy to read and understand. To achive this we continuously
update help files also for existing functions in the software. 

Detailed list of updates
Find a complete list of updates by these links:

Release News CARS™
Release News TRUCKS™ 




Published on Fri Feb 13 13:10:43 2015

AUTOCOM distributor MIAC will participate at the Motortec Automechanika exhibition in Madrid, 11 – 14 March.Motortech is Spain's leading international trade fair for the automotive industry targeting trade visitors from the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and North Africa.

To have the latest news regarding AUTOCOM diagnostic products and MIAC services you are welcome to visit stand 6-C29.

For more information about the exhibition;


Published on Fri Jan 30 12:09:26 2015

AUTOCOM will together with our distributor A-ONE S.r.lparticipate at the Autopromotec exhibition 20 – 24 May in Bologna, Italy.

A-ONE and Autocom welcome visitors for demonstrations of Autocom diagnostic product range for passenger cars and commercial vehicles at stand  F18 in Hall 14.

For more information about the exhibition visit Autopromotec online;


AUTOCOM at exhibition in the Netherlands

Published on Wed Jan 21 09:59:57 2015

AUTOCOM will be represented by the dutch distributor DiagnosES
at Auto Professioneel en Schadeherstel Vakbeurs  in The Netherlands.

The fair takes place between 3th-5th february 2015.
More info about the show can be found by this link.  


Published on Thu Dec 11 14:19:46 2014


Focus on reliability and simplicity 
In this release we have focused on making the software more reliable.
Of course there are also new product development implemented.
The software application is made to run quicker and to work smoother. 

ISU - Intelligent System Update
The automatic online update feature in the Diagnostic software is used
more from now on. Previously it has mainly been used to push security
updates and fixes. Now we are looking forward to supply you enhanced
user functionality and increased database content along the way to the
next software release. In this way you can have faster access to our
development. Just make sure your computer is online, connected to
internet, and you will continuously get the latest functions and data.

A database with edge
The CARS and TRUCKS databases have many features and functions
for a wide range of vehicles. Use the Information View - Vehicle selection
in the software to find an overview of each vehicle's diagnostic functionalities.
If you have had the diagnostic tool for some time, please check the latest
range of adapter cables available to improve your work potential. Please contact
your nearest dealer to find out the latest news in the diagnostic product range!

Detailed list of updates
Find a complete list of updates by these links:

Release News CARS™
Release News TRUCKS™ 



Automechanica reflections

Published on Thu Nov 13 13:48:16 2014



5 days, 4631 exhibitors, 140,000 visitors from 173 countries. Automechanica is big.

Again, we have participated in the recurring fair Automechanica in Frankfurt, Germany.

Automechanica is an international trade fair for the automotive aftermarket and one of the most important trade shows where the market's largest and most important players showcasing their offerings and innovations.


AUTOCOM has participated a number of times and we have the last few years had the same booth space in Hall 8. The theme for this year's stand was "Powered by Sweden" and aimed to highlight the AUTOCOM's origin and history.

The goal of this year's participation was to show product offerings, introduce new features in the software and meet old and new distributors under pleasant circumstances.


The booth was designed with a large meeting space in the middle surrounded by the world map, and product testing stations. On the back of the test stations, we announced features of the CDP+ and our software with links to sections in AUTOCOM´s brand new concept video.


When we look back on Automechanica 2014, we can conclude that from AUTOCOM´s side we are very pleased with our participation. We have had many exciting new contacts, including visitors from the Middle East and Asia. Our new security solution attracted much attention and appreciation. We also highlighted our features ISS, ISI and ISU and gave them some well deserved attention.

Another positive thing, we heard from several retailers, was that many users, who previously used AUTOCOM clones, now see the disadvantages of pirated products and have switched to AUTOCOM original products. Needless to say this makes us overwhelmingly happy.


Release 2-2014 News and Links

Published on Mon Sep 1 14:27:10 2014


Quick Vin Search
To make the vehicle selection even easier and faster 
we have moved the VIN decoder on top and added 
Quick access to VIN read-out. 
Simply click on the VIN search button and the program 
will read-out the VIN from the vehicle, or type in your VIN 
and the vehicle selection will adjust dynamically as you write.

Search for OBD functions
The search for OBD functions can be found in the treeview
vehicle selction. Once selected Brand, Model, Yearmodel
it gives you the ability to fast and easy see in which systems
a unique function can be found or to find the specific function. 
The list of vehicles will be greyed out if the function is not available.
E.g. Enter "coding" in the search field and all system types
with coding functionality will be availabel, the rest will be greyed out.
The function works similar in the "OBD functions" tab; Type in "sensor"
and all functions with the wording "sensor" in its description will be filtered out.

Search for real time data parameter 
This function is available in the custom datalist view. It enables a quick way
to easily find the parameter you are looking for. Simply start to type
the parameter or component, and the list will show only the parameters
related to what you have typed.

E.g. start typing "temp" and the list will show you Air inlet temperature sensor, 
Coolant temperature, Fuel temperature etc. All parameters containing 
"temp" will be shown. Click the "X" button to clear the search field.

A total of 180 models have been added or updated with new functionality
and new features. To pin point a few new models we are proud to have diagnostics
on the new DAF XF and CF series and the Euro 6 certified Volvo FH (4), FMX (4)
and FM (4) trucks. There has also been an extensive improvement on the Gearbox
management in Mitsubishi Fuso.

Detailed list of updates
Find a complete list of updates by these links:

Release News CARS™
Release News TRUCKS™ 




Published on Tue Jul 29 07:24:09 2014

Welcome to visit us at the Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt 16 - 20 September!
Come and have a look at Autocom product news in our stand H43, in Hall 8.

Discover what Automechanika is all about here 



Midsummer holiday

Published on Wed Jun 18 11:58:52 2014

On friday the 20th we will celebrate our traditional Midsummer holiday. With sunny weather and a smile on our face.
Our office is closed and we are back on monday. Kind regards Autocom

Release 1-2014 News and Links

Published on Fri May 23 10:55:29 2014


The CDP was introduced more than
10 years ago and was designed to
handle all known communications
types at that time.

The new CDP+ hardware enables
new possibilities and functionality
not available to the CDP due to
hardware limitations. As the
development of vehicle electronic
systems and communication
standards evolves so do Autocom

Security USB Dongle
A big difference in 2014 Release 1 is
that it requires a Security USB Dongle.
This is to ensure that all valid users
have got access to the data they are
authorized to.

The Security USB Dongle is a
"plug-n-play" solution that replaces
the HW key. This means no more
hassle with codes that needs to be
typed in the installation.

The Security USB Dongle is activated
online, and can be activated from any
computer that has Internet

The Security USB Dongle is paired
with a specific VCI, but can be
moved around to many computers.

All valid users will be supplied with
a Security USB Dongle together with
the release DVD.

Many additions in CARS™
The 2014 Release 1 offers a large
number of new diagnostic
functionalities. More than 11 000
functions in over 300 models have
been implemented or updated.

...and TRUCKS™
The 2014 Release 1 offers a large 
number of new diagnostic functionalities. 
Nearly 3 000 functions in 180 models 
have been implemented or updated. 


Detailed list of updates

Find a complete list of updates by these links:

Release News CARS™
Release News TRUCKS™ 
Release News GENERIC™



Release 1-2014 Quick News CARS and TRUCKS

Published on Fri May 9 11:30:51 2014

AUTOCOM CARS and TRUCKS release information in brief.

Click here to see the Release 1-2014 Quick News.


Published on Fri Nov 29 15:45:20 2013


Our cable bundles are now available to cover all types of commercial vehicles categories such as vans, light and heavy trucks and buses.

AUTOCOM OBD Cable Adapters

Click here to open the cable overview in pdf.


Published on Wed Nov 20 13:15:51 2013

Everything we develop is verified and tested on vehicles and on all product platforms. To maintain multiple platforms implies that a lot of time is spent on verification on these platforms. To make our development as efficient as possible, we need to limit the maintenance on the older generation products. This will in turn create a faster development time for 

Last update
As we have informed earlier, the last DVD release for the ADP186 will be 2013 Release 3. After this release, we will no longer update the software for the ADP186.

Repair and Service
The warranty for ADP186 will end 2013-12-31. We will still offer service and repair until

Please contact us if you have any questions.

T: +46 (0)520-47 07 00

Release 3-2013 Quick News CARS and TRUCKS

Published on Tue Nov 19 14:43:08 2013

AUTOCOM CARS and TRUCKS release information in brief.

Click here to see the Release 3-2013 Quick News.

TRUCKS Release News 3-2013

Published on Tue Nov 19 14:15:13 2013

Click here to see the latest release news.

CARS Release News 3-2013

Published on Tue Nov 19 14:05:30 2013

Click here to see the latest release news. 

NEW application tables - CARS and TRUCKS R2-2013

Published on Tue Sep 10 09:38:03 2013

New application-tables with all the news in Release 2 - 2013. 
You find the tables in the box "Specifikation".



AUTOCOM at TRANSPORTMESSA 2013, Gardemoen Oslo

Published on Thu Sep 5 09:56:03 2013


AUTOCOM will be represented by our norwegian distributor Nordisk Diagnose Sentar (NDS) at Transportmessa 2013 in Gardemoen/Oslo, NORWAY.

The fair takes place between 5th-7th september 2013.
NDS has stand number 126.
More info about the show can be found at

Important Information on AUTOCOM counterfeit products

Published on Mon Jul 15 13:51:46 2013


Published on Tue Jun 18 06:18:40 2013
We are welcoming our distributors from all over the world to the wonderful archipelago of the swedish west coast. The meeting will be held for two days at Bokenäs HAV SPA MÖTEN.

New cables for TRUCKS

Published on Thu Mar 21 08:24:16 2013

We are introducing five new cables to the meet the new software functionalities.

These cables have been introduced mainly for use of Generic TRUCKS and Generic Bus. Furthermore these have been specially designed to fit directly to the ECU of the vehicle and suitable for use with different vehicle manufacturer’s harnesses.

Our cable bundles are now available to cover all types of commercial vehicles categories such as vans, light and heavy trucks and even buses. Further to our customers’ requests, we have also included a trailer cable bundle; a kit specially customized to meet the ever growing trailer segment.

In line with these additions, we have added a new product kit and customised cables bundles to the TRUCKS product portfolio. A perfect match for every workshop’s needs and increased flexibility for all.

The cables will be available for order in April 2013.

CARS & TRUCKS – Release News 1/2013

Published on Fri Mar 15 14:07:01 2013

We are now updating our softwares CARS & TRUCKS

Here are some of the news in CARS:

New models

Volvo V40 (-12), Volkswagen Up, Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo are new models added in 2013 release 1. Another news in models are two electrical vehicle from Renault. The all new Twizy and the Kangoo ZE covers basic functions in most systems.

New functionality

Land Rover and Jaguar has been updated with new functionality across the model range.

New types in the Vehicle selection

There is an addition of three new system types in the vehicle selection in the software. There has been a restructure of system types to easier find the system you are searching for. Suspension, Heating/Cooling and Electrical Vehicle has from now on separate system types.


The firmware which is loaded in the VCI is from this release splitted into smaller sections to enable faster update of the VCI.

Many additions...

The 2013 Release 1 offers a large number of new diagnostic functionality. More than 1100 systems in over 300 models has been updated with basic functions like fault code reading and erasing. Also more enhanced functionality like programmings and parameter settings are implemented.


There has been an addition in the advanced mode with the functionality to read the IUPR (In-Use Performance Ratio) parameter in Diesel engines.

And here are some of the news in TRUCKS

New structure

In 2013 Release 1 there has been an addition in the vehicle selection. You can now select Generic Truck to access common systems sorted by manufacturer of the system rather than sorted by brand of vehicle.

New brand

Diagnostics for KAMAZ trucks has been added. This covers Engine, Brakes and Suspension systems. There are new additional cables to access these systems.

New cables

A total of 5 new cables will be available from 2013 Release 1. 4 of those are for Wabco and Knorr systems in Generic Truck and Kamaz. The final new cable is for Generic Bus, gearbox and door systems.


The ECU-exchange function for Wabco TEBS is added in the database. This function read the parameters in the existing ECU and configure the new ECU the same.

New types in the Vehicle selection

There is an addition of three new system types in the vehicle selection in the software. There has been a restructure of system types to easier find the system you are searching for. Suspension, Heating/Cooling and Electrical Vehicle has from now on separate system types.


The firmware which is loaded in the VCI is from this release splitted into smaller sections to enable faster update of the VCI.

Green to Go - A brand new function now available in Generic*

Published on Fri Mar 15 13:53:31 2013

For vehicle inspection companies active in the Swedish market and all those workshops with added focus in vehicle inspections and performs pre-inspection checks, here is an interesting addition to our software programs. Set the program to GENERIC Inspection mode** (found under the Settings menu) and you can easily check if a vehicle is roadworthy or not.

A tried and tested function that conforms to the regulations of eOBD checks as defined by the Swedish Transport Agency in TSFS 2010-78.

*GENERIC is a part of our CARS and TRUCKS and works even as a Stand Alone-installation.

** This function is available for use in Sweden only.

New functions for WABCO Systems for TRAILERS in AUTOCOM TRUCKS

Published on Thu Jan 24 12:31:23 2013

For a long time, our customers have been looking for a possibility to configure the ECU on Wabco systems. And now it is finally here. Thanks to the built-in ISU function in our software this new release will be available as of today. The new ECU exchange function will be able to read the parameters in the existing ECU to configure a new one.

For more information on how the ISU works, kindly contact your nearest distributor.


Published on Wed Nov 14 10:13:08 2012

Swedish text only, for information in english, please contact us.  

Vi söker dig som talar kundens språk och vill vara med och utveckla ett expansivt Autocom. Målsättningen med allt du gör har betydelse för Autocoms utveckling och framtid, oavsett om det handlar om kontraktsförnyelse, kundarrangemang, möten eller kundbesök hos befintliga och nya kunder.

Läs mer om tjänsten och ansök här.


Published on Mon Nov 12 14:36:21 2012
Otomotiv 2012 Istanbul - Turkey
AUTOCOM will be represented by our Turkish distributor IC Otomotiv at OTOMOTIV 2012 fair in Istanbul, Turkey.
The fair takes place between 6th-9th December 2012.
IC Otomotiv´s stand is located at Hall 8, booth number A1. 

Reflections from AUTOMECHANIKA 2012

Published on Wed Oct 31 15:38:53 2012

Back from Automechanika and looking back, we can gladly say, “Yes, another successful fair.”

The fair was well executed with plenty of visitors and thanks to our appealing product showcase and our competent staff, we got great exposure of AUTOCOM and our products.
Visitors were interested our products like SOFTBRIDGE and many more but the thing that caught the eye of many, was the “Online Concept by Autocom”.
The concept was well received by many at the fair. An independent platform solution where the users do not need to download massive vehicle databases to their own computer is something that many have been waiting for.

We truly believe that the Online Concept is a product for the future and responses from the customers just go to prove that our customers’ expectations were met fully.
To be first out in the market before either the market or customer expects a product has been the driving force of our cutting edge development. Forerunners in various industries are adapting such practices to be on top leaders in their areas.For us this only means that we have to keep one step ahead of our competitors and customize and deliver the best, user friendly and most flexible solution to our customers.

/Anders Malm -  Multibrand

AUTOCOM - Certified to the ISO 9001 and 14001 Management systems standards

Published on Thu Oct 11 07:09:58 2012

AUTOCOM DIAGNOSTICS PARTNER AB announces a milestone achievement in becoming certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Management Systems standards and guidelines. AUTOCOM has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accreditation from Det Norske Veritas (DNV). This certification represents the culmination of consistent top-quality work and the dedication of all the employees at AUTOCOM.



Published on Fri Sep 7 13:02:08 2012

In collaboration with connectBlue AUTOCOM has been working to offer their users the latest wireless technology in their diagnostic tools. In fact AUTOCOM was connectBlue's first module customer and have since then used several of their Bluetooth and Wireless LAN modules.

Here you can read more about the collaboration in an interview with Martin Larsson at AUTOCOM


Published on Tue Jul 17 14:22:03 2012

AUTOCOM at Automechanika

From September 11 to September 16, 2012, it is once again time for us at AUTOCOM to display our products and services at Automechanika in Frankfurt. Automechanika 2012 is one of the largest automotive trade shows in the world where visitors can take in the latest developments in the automotive industry. 

Are you also going to Automechanika? We'd be happy to see you visit our booth in building 8, aisle H43. 


Published on Wed May 30 09:38:51 2012

AUTOCOM's diagnostics team is always on the road visiting factories, workshops, and suppliers to collect data for newer software versions. We asked a few questions of Christer Larsson, responsible for the diagnostics team.

Why do you go on the road?

All car models are not available in Sweden, and that's why it is important that recording and verification of data for our diagnostics software are performed in the countries where there is good availability of vehicle models. When we're out visiting the customer we can also pick up on special wishes and see how our software is used and works in its right environment. This way we get a good idea of what the market needs, enabling us to include as much as possible in future updates.

Who do you visit?

That differs depending on if they are developers working with our diagnostics program for automobiles (CARS) or for commercial vehicles (TRUCKS) who are on tour. Those who work with TRUCKS often visit freight companies, workshops, and sometimes rental companies, while those who work with CARS visit workshops and dealers for new and used cars.

How is the work done?

Our diagnostic programs have three releases a year. The time between each release is our work period. Each new period starts with us reviewing wishes from different customers and looking at which vehicle manufacturers have released new model years and vehicle models, respectively. That information, together with our own thoughts about the updates, is the foundation for planning the time and place for recording, testing, and verification of data.

To save time we prepare as much as possible of the work at AUTOCOM without access to the vehicles, for our sake but primarily for the sake of our partners. Preparing a system may take 3-5 work days and each vehicle has between 10-60 systems so it had not been possible to do this work on-site with our partners. Well on-site we review what vehicles are available and how long we can have them for tests. Often we have to prioritize on-site since there is not enough time to test all functions we have brought along. We treat the vehicles with respect and nurture our contacts with great care so that we are welcome for the next update. When we return home we compile everything and correct any problems we have not solved on-site. After the release, we start all over again.

What's best about being on the road?

The best about being on the road is to meet our partners and the users of our products. We get a lot of feedback from the users who help us solve problems and prevent errors. Then it is very important that we get to work hands-on with the vehicles. It is one thing to sit in the office and simulate different events. When you sit in the vehicle you do not know what answers to expect since all vehicles are individuals that may behave in different ways.

What uses do customers have of your work?

Direct contact with the users in the workshops gives us insight into their reality. We find out what is required for the workshops to be able to perform service and advanced repairs in a more effective way. This way we get the information we need to develop our products and, in the future, our customers get better tools for their work.

Have you encountered any cultural difficulties?

A lot of times it is the language that plays tricks on us when we are on the road. Especially in countries where not everyone speaks English. For example, when we were in Italy, and after a long day we wanted to order a big juicy steak. Hungry as wolves, we could see the waiter come in with a plate of grilled vegetables instead. 




Published on Wed May 30 09:35:26 2012


We want to know what the users really think about our products, so we visited Johan Jonsson, Managing Director at Auto 4 Stad in Trollhättan, and asked him a few questions.

Why do you use AUTOCOM's products?

We have used AUTOCOM's products since we started in 2006. And I can't think of a single time that we've had any problems with their products. It just works. We use their products primarily because they are so incredibly user-friendly and complete when it comes to model years and car models, but also because it is very easy to learn how the products work, which makes things much easier when we hire new staff. A couple of days of training may be needed to be able to use competitor products, but with AUTOCOM's CDP for example, a new mechanic can be up and running in 10 minutes.

How do you use AUTOCOM's products?

We use AUTOCOM's products every day. Our mechanics use CDP for diagnoses and to perform simple troubleshooting in connection with ordinary vehicle service. But we also have employees who work full-time with AUTOCOM's ADP for more advanced troubleshooting such as parallel measurements, etc.

What's good about AUTOCOM's products?

A major advantage with AUTOCOM is that they are good at keeping their software updated. It is very seldom that any cars or models are missing. And if anything is missing, it usually appears in the next update. AUTOCOM is without a doubt best on the market when it comes to troubleshooting and ordinary service, and if anyone asked me what tool is needed if you were to start an independent workshop, the obvious answer would be AUTOCOM's new CDP+. A simpler and more complete tool would be hard to find.

What trends and challenges do you see in the future as a workshop?

Ever-increasing demands are made of independent workshops to be able to offer everything in one place. At the same time, customers expect it to be a better value for their money, with the same high service quality, or better, than brand-name workshops. Being both cheaper and better than brand-name workshops has been and will continue to be a challenge for independent workshops. And to succeed you need equipment that is fast, simple, and equipment you can trust. In the future, it is not likely that there will be many smaller specialist workshops. Vehicle owners do not want to have to drive around several actors, they want everything car-related in one place. Another trend is that more and more are moving out on the Internet. Booking systems for service have been in use for awhile on the Internet, and more and more 'apps' have appeared for car owners. When the technology has developed even further and businesses have learned to use it in the best way, this will likely see an increase.


New collaboration in vehicle inspection with VTEQ-Spain

Published on Wed May 30 07:25:57 2012

Text from Spanish collaboration partner VTEQs newsletter. 


VTEQ has started a collaboration with the Swedish company AUTOCOM, vehicle diagnostics and service solutions. The main target of this collaboration is to study and define an action plan to start with the Testing of Electronic Control Safety Systems (ECSS) during PTI in some European countries. During the beginning of this month the VTEQ and AUTOCOM staff have visited some PTI companies in Spain, operators like PREVENCONTROL, CERTIO or BARCELEURO who have offered their facilities to allow the feasibility study for implementing ECSS into the PTI procedures.

As EGEA and CITA members, and after the direction adopted by these two organizations, of course the ECSS are part of the future in PTI, having every day more protection and security systems built in the vehicles. It’s a commitment for both companies to study everything concerning these topics and continue being a part of the most recent developments in PTI.
In a brief time we can have a “diagnostic result” from these visits and we can advance in the way needed.

We are pleased to have AUTOCOM, CERTIO, PREVENCONTROL, BARCELEURO and other companies close to us so as to being able to define and develop new PTI systems and procedures, we thank so much everybody involved in this project.



Go to VTEQs Website

AUTOCOM at Vestfyn Trækker, Transport & Logistik 2012 - Denmark

Published on Wed May 16 15:55:06 2012

AUTOCOM will be represented at Vestfyn Trækker, Transport & Logistik 2012 by danish distributor Europart, June 1-3 2012.

For more information see: www.vestfyntræ

Europart Danmark




AUTOCOM at Transportmessa 2012 - Oslo, Norway

Published on Tue Apr 24 12:04:29 2012

AUTOCOM will be represented at Transportmessa 2012 by Norwegian distributor NDS - Nordisk Diagnose Senter. May 10-12 2012, Gardemoen, Oslo, Norway.

For more information see:

Nordisk Diagnose Senter.







AUTOCOM CDP+ awarded with red dot award: product design 2012

Published on Wed Apr 11 14:37:13 2012


AUTOCOM Diagnostic Partner AB together with Designit AB convinced the international expert jury of the “red dot award: product design 2012”. After an evaluation process lasting several days, it received one of the coveted awards, assigned by a 30-member expert jury. Creative heads and manufacturers from all over the world had submitted 4,515 designs altogether to the renowned product competition. With its high design quality, CDP+ could inspire the experts. It received the globally sought-after red dot for its fine design language in the product design category.

CDP+ is AUTOCOMs new generation of communication interface for vehicle diagnostics. CDP+ is designed to endure all rough conditions with its protective rubber cover and protection caps. CDP+ has design features that offers more than meet the eye. Unique functions such as multi colour indicator and flight recorder are two of the many features that make the work at a workshop much easier. It’s the ultimate key to vehicle intelligence.

On 2 July 2012, the presentation of the internationally renowned quality seal will take place in the course of the red dot gala. More than 1,000 international guests from the design world, industry, society and the media will gather that evening in the Aalto-Theater, the opera house in Essen, in order to celebrate the highlight of this year’s competition. Afterwards, the CDP+ will be on display at a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot design award, pointed to the high quality level of the competition: “The most distinguished products of the respective branch of industry faced up not only to the tough competition this year again, but also to the critical eye of the jury. The experts thoroughly examined, tested and evaluated each individual entry applying the highest standards. With their performances, the laureates did not only demonstrate an extraordinary design quality but they also showed that design is an integral part of innovative product solutions. At this high level, the winners are able to increase their potential for success on the market considerably by purposefully using our design prize.” 

The award-winning products in the red dot design museum 

With more than 1,500 products on an area of more than 4,000 square metres, the red dot design museum accommodates the world’s largest permanent exhibition of temporary design. From 3 to 29 July 2012, it again invites to look at the traditional special exhibition of the award-winning products. In “Design on stage – winners red dot award: product design 2012” design, enthusiasts can admire the latest trends at close range. Touching is explicitly requested: Thus, the visitors experience the prizewinning design of CDP+ by AUTOCOM / Designit live in the breath-taking atmosphere of the one-time boiler house of the Zeche Zollverein, a former coalmine.


The red dot design award

The red dot design award, whose origins reach back to the 1950s, is carried out in three disciplines: the “red dot award: product design”, the “red dot award: communication design” and the “red dot award: design concept”. In 2011 alone, more than 14,000 entries from over 70 countries were registered. The award – the red dot – has established itself internationally as one of the most appreciated quality seals for outstanding designs. 

For further information please look at:


AUTOCOM at Mechanex 2012 - Exeter UK

Published on Wed Apr 11 13:45:39 2012

AUTOCOM will be represented at the Motor Trade Exhibition - Mechanex 2012 by United Kingdom distributor Technodiagnostics / Bluegrasscoms. April 17-18 2012, West Point Arena, Exeter, UK. 

For more information see: 

Technodiagnostic / Bluegrasscoms website.

Eclipse EDIS Diagnostics at The Commercial Vehicle Show 2012

Published on Wed Apr 4 08:38:15 2012

AUTOCOM distributor Eclipse Automotive Technology will show the new multibrand EDIS Diagnostics concept at the important trade show “The Commercial Vehicle Show 2012”. Eclipse welcome visitors for demonstrations of the new EDIS Diagnostics at their stand 2F20.

For more information about Eclipse EDIS Diagnostics read more at:

For more information about the Commercial Vehicle Show read more at:

Autocom Diagnostics Partner at Automessen 2012

Published on Wed Feb 15 09:22:07 2012

Automessen 2012 in Lilleström is the leading trade fair for automotive suppliers in Norway. This is an important meeting place for decision makers within the industry from Scandinavia – A melting pot for new ideas and concepts.Naturally Autocom was there, presented through Autocom’s major distributors in Scandinavia. This trade fair  proved to be a success once again with many visitors who were interested to see Autocom´s new diagnostic products and services.

CDP+  together with its integrated solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles were well received among the visitors to the fair. Together with key features like Flight recorder, Multi Colour IndicatorLED light in the connector and our latest software release 3, demonstrations were in full speed at distributors stands. Many were interested and impressed with the Flight Recorder and the VIN number functionality and most of all, ease of usage with the software won the hearts of many.


Published on Wed Dec 21 15:27:46 2011

AUTOCOM was founded in 1991, in a garage in Sjuntorp, just outside Trollhättan, by Bengt Andersson. Now, 20 years later, the company's world-class diagnostic products have put it firmly on the map. 
An ability to predict the future of the automotive and vehicle diagnostics industry, as well as highly talented employees, constitute two key ingredients in AUTOCOM's recipe for success.
The anniversary was celebrated with a cruise to Tallinn in Estonia.

Foundation and growth

To have started out from a garage in Sjuntorp in 1991 and 20 years later to be an international group doing business globally - that suggests we've been doing something right, declares Bengt Andersson, founder and former CEO of the company, now working on development issues at Würth development company.

The company has grown along with our customers, both large and small, who have provided information on what workshops have asked for while at the same time being given very valuable input on our development work.

Some of the factors that have contributed to the company's growth are the innovations it has introduced to the market. AUTOCOM introduced the first multiplex connection, pocket PC-applikation, Original data and connector with LED-lighting. 

AUTOCOM has grown by an average of 20% per year over the last 10 years, and if we can maintain this pace, we will see AUTOCOM secure a major international presence in the coming years. During 2011, AUTOCOM has employed another 9 staff, and its turnover has increased to almost SEK 100 million.


Factors for success

The company's success can be attributed to visionary thinking, intuition and an understanding of the user's workshop experience. Knowledge of how users perform diagnostics and a development department constantly at the cutting edge of technology create the conditions required to develop products and functions which, even before they are asked for, make diagnostics quicker, more reliable and more efficient. For vehicle owners, this means enhanced safety and less hassle on the road.

– One factor that has played a vital role is that, in the past, we concentrated on building the system around a Windows database, which meant that we didn't have a lot of hard-coding, and that was quite unusual in the early 90s.

– Another, and perhaps ultimately crucial factor for AUTOCOM's success has been its acquisition by Würth. This gives us endurance and knowledge which, along with their distribution network, completely change our presence in the market, explains Bengt Andersson.



To mark AUTOCOM's 20-year anniversary, the entire workforce was invited on a cruise to the beautiful Estonian capital, Tallinn. The event was a great success, with entertaining episodes in AUTOCOM's history presented during an evening of fine food and drink.


Moving forward

For AUTOCOM and its German parent company, it is important to preserve the company's origins. Swedish engineering has always has a special reputation abroad in terms of progression and innovation, and that heritage is something we want to continue to foster. Obviously, this goes hand in hand with knowledge and inspiration from our international partners.

– We are entering an exciting period with a strong owner, and this provides the right conditions to allow us to focus on what we do best: creating the best automotive diagnostic technology and the safest, most reliable conditions for vehicle owners. We will achieve this by continuing to ask questions and coming up with new, creative solutions while recruiting the cream of tomorrow's talent, states AUTOCOM's CEO, Lars Modig. 



Published on Mon Dec 19 16:18:34 2011

Moroccan TV and representatives from the technical university, the chamber of commerce and workshops were in attendance as AUTOCOM's new Moroccan distributor, Maroc Diag, launched AUTOCOM's diagnostic products for private and goods vehicles at a major event in Casablanca.

– We never dreamed we'd get this kind of attention when we decided to start investing in North Africa and Morocco, reveals Anders Malm, Sales Manager at Autocom. You can tell there are big things happening in this part of the world. Powerful forces are at work and we are pleased to be a part of it.

AUTOCOM's Sales Manager, Anders Malm, was accompanied in Morocco by Maroc Diag's Key Account Manager, Carola Nyvall. Here they answer questions about the market and conditions affecting vehicle diagnostics in Morocco.

Why are you choosing to establish yourselves in North Africa?
–AUTOCOM is currently in the middle of an intense period of activity, and is investing heavily in strengthening its global presence with a particular focus on emerging markets. Morocco is a good example of a market where AUTOCOM's products can make a big difference by offering quicker, more efficient diagnostics, and that means safer vehicles on the roads. The Moroccan vehicle fleet is a very good fit with the content of AUTOCOM's vehicle database - the ideal scenario for AUTOCOM's diagnostic products.

What is the situation in the Moroccan market?
–There are many European vehicles in Morocco - mostly French mid-range vehicles - and the fleet generally consists of newer vehicles. We see a lot of potential for our CARS and TRUCKS products, and are confident that Maroc Diag is the right partner for the job. Our aim is to become a widely recognised brand in Morocco.

Why has AUTOCOM chosen to work with Maroc Diag?
– Maroc Diag has the right industry contacts to sell our products, and they also offer customers excellent after-sales support. Maroc Diag sells our products primarily through training courses which they hold for workshop mechanics, however they also have their own sales network covering the whole of Morocco.

Maroc Diag works in an interesting way. They create demand for AUTOCOM products through training. Several workshops come together for training courses. There, they learn about AUTOCOM products, as well as how to carry out optimal diagnostics and get the most out of the products. They leave with practical knowledge that they can apply directly in the workshop. This creates benefits for users and a sound basis for the sale of diagnostic equipment.

How will you support Maroc Diag?
We will support Maroc Diag's operations by offering training for their staff, attending trade fairs and tailoring our products to market requirements. Our ability to tailor our products to the needs of the market is one of our main strengths as a supplier, and is appreciated by our own customers and suppliers all over the world.

The future
The future is looking very interesting in Morocco and North Africa. Countries are experiencing strong growth, new regimes have been born and democratic processes are emerging. You can tell there are big things happening in this part of the world. Powerful forces are at work and we are pleased to be a part of the developments.


See the photos from the launch in Casablanca on our Facebook page.


Published on Mon Nov 21 11:06:30 2011

Autocom will be represented at OTOMOTIV 2011, 24-27 november in Istanbul by the Turkish distributor IC OTOMOTIV-(Automan)

Welcome to meet us in Hall 6, Stand number D02

Web :

AUTOCOM 2011 Release 3 for CARS and TRUCKS

Published on Fri Nov 4 16:55:07 2011

Autocom 2011 Release 3 for CARS and TRUCKS diagnostic software is ready for delivery in December. It is a great update with new functionality for many models. ISS – Intelligent System Scan is updated for several vehicle brands. Do you want to have more detailed information for each vehicle brand and model please read our newsletters;

2011 Release 3 CARS

2011 Release 3 TRUCKS

AUTOCOM in Moscow, 13-17 september COMTRANS 2011

Published on Thu Sep 1 10:11:53 2011


Autocom will be represented at COMTRANS 2011, 13-17 september in Moscow by the Russian distributor OOO Neo Systems. 

Welcome to meet us in Pavilion 3 hall 15-1-1


Published on Mon Aug 15 16:52:28 2011


AUTOCOM will be represented at the TRANSPORT 2011 exhibition, 8-10 september 2011 in Lilleström, Norway. AUTOCOMS products will be exhibited by the Norwegian distributor Nordisk Diagnose Senter AS.

Welcome to stand B01-19


Published on Fri Jul 8 14:32:05 2011

The Vehicle Inspection Services business area has emerged as a natural development of AUTOCOM's range of products and services. 

"After having worked on multibrand diagnostics for over 20 years, we have acquired a lot of knowledge and relevant experience of working in relation to statutory vehicle tests and inspections. The statutory requirements placed on our products and services will primarily concern the environment and safety," says Martin Ålund, Business Area Manager, Vehicle Inspection Services. 

The business area will focus on offering niche products and services to companies and organisations that work on vehicle inspections in various ways. The services that will be offered include working as a partner on development projects, supplying knowledge and supplying content and software. 

AUTOCOM's product GENERIC has been developed for this purpose and is used by Sweden's biggest inspection body for statutory periodic inspection, Svensk Bilprovning. Vehicle Inspection Services will also work closely with vehicle makers, the police and the military.

We will soon present more information regarding our new businessarea, Vehicle Inspection Services here at


Published on Fri Jul 8 14:31:31 2011

AUTOCOM's hardware department has been working for several years to develop the next generation of Vehicle Communication Interface – VCI, which is marketed under the name CDP+. In May, the new CDP+ was presented at AUTOCOM's distributor meeting in Stockholm before its commercial launch in July. 

CDP+ was developed in close collaboration with users in the workshop environment to ensure that it included smart functions that were in demand and also to understand the users and develop functions that are not yet in demand in some cases. 

In addition to future-proofing all technical components and improving all internal parts, we have also focused strongly on including functions that contribute to enhancing the potential for diagnostics. 

The primary function for this is Flight Recorder, which allows you to connect CDP+ to the diagnostics socket and take it with you on the road. Flight Recorder registers the status of all vehicle data and records any faults in connection with the specific situation in which they occur. This makes it easier to find intermittent faults. 

Another observation we made when we studied users was that it can be difficult to find the diagnostics socket in dark, tight spaces in vehicles. Therefore, we developed an LED lamp at the front of the contact. This is a small detail but it is very useful to our customers. 

In addition to these functions, we have also improved the physical design, integrated a Bluetooth antenna and fitted a smart attachment device to the equipment. 

"We have spent a lot of time on analysing and developing functions that make the working day easier for those who use our diagnostics tools. We are sure that we will exceed our customers' expectations with the new CDP+," says Martin Larsson, Development Manager in AUTOCOM's Hardware Development Department. 


Published on Wed Jun 22 15:58:00 2011

2011 Release 2 News

Click here to view the pdf-file


Published on Wed Jun 22 15:51:46 2011

2011 Release 2 News

Click here to view the pdf-file

Subscribe to AUTOCOM news

Published on Fri May 27 16:10:54 2011

We have now activated the subscription form for Autocom Newsletter. By clicking the link for registration, you are sure to receive the latest news regarding vehicle intelligence.

Go to Newsletter registration


Published on Wed May 25 08:59:54 2011


During the ongoing Autopromotec exhibition in Bologna, Italy, AUTOCOM will present a new diagnostic tool CDP+. AUTOCOM’s CDP+ is an advanced diagnostic tool with many inbuilt security features that provide workshops and vehicle inspection companies the possibility of a faster and more reliable diagnosis.

Take a closer look at the new CDP+ and you will see that it has many innovative features and well designed solutions to meet the market demands. The CDP+ contains powerful processors and components, which handles high levels of information in a fast and reliable way.

A new key feature of the CDP+ is the Flight Recorder, a useful feature that enables detection and recording of errors such as intermittent faults or errors which only occur when the vehicle is in motion. Featuring a Multi Colour Indicator to show the different communication modes and a LED on the connector, for easy access of the diagnostic connector in the vehicle – clever features at your fingertips!

"We strongly believe our new product, CDP+ and that its functionalities will be of great benefit to our users. With all research and development done in close cooperation with test users, we are sure to meet and exceed customer needs”, says Anders Malm at AUTOCOM.

For more info about the new AUTOCOM CDP+ and AUTOCOM products, kindly contact Anders Malm, Business Area Manager, Multi-Brand, Telephone: +46 (0)520 47 07 19

Download pressrelease


Published on Thu May 19 11:12:56 2011

AUTOCOM will be present at the Autopromotec trade show in Bologna to show the products and services. 

Visitors are welcome to booth D39 in hall 30. 

Read more about Autopromotec by clicking the banner. 

Kyiv International SIA?2011 Motor Show, May 25th-29th

Published on Wed May 18 15:32:43 2011

AUTOCOM diagnostic solutions for cars and commercial vehicles will be shown by our distributor Kvatro LLC at Kyiv International SIA’2011 Motor Show, May 25th-29th 2011.

Kvatro LLC welcome visitors to their stand J-17.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the official website of Kyiv International SIA’2011 Motor Show.  

Autocom at the Advanced Automotive Diagnostic conference, Wiesbaden, June 27th-29th

Published on Mon Mar 21 17:28:39 2011

Autocom will participate and sponsor the Advanced Automotive Diagnostic Systems conference in Wiesbaden June 27th-29th. This is a venue that gives you a unique opportunity to hear the latest trends and developments on Automotive Diagnostic Systems from the leading companies and institutions.

For more information please visit:

AUTOCOM will participate and sponsor The 2011 CITA Conference in Berlin 4th-6th May.

Published on Mon Mar 21 17:23:40 2011

CITA is an international not-for-profit association, based in Brussels, Belgium. It represents all types of organizations and stakeholders (government, private sector, dedicated inspection centers, garage-based test centers and test equipment manufacturers) who share a common interest in exchanging information, developing best practices and draft international standards in the field of road vehicle inspection

For more information please visit:


Published on Wed Feb 23 11:49:27 2011

AUTOCOM diagnostic solutions for cars and commercial vehicles will be shown by our distributor Eclipse Automotive Technology at “The Commercial Vehicle Show”, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham, 12 – 14 April 2011.

Eclipse welcome visitors to their stand 4G30

For more information about the exhibition, please visit the website of The Commercial Vehicle Show at:

Motortec Automechanika Ibérica

Published on Tue Feb 22 14:30:24 2011

AUTOCOM diagnostic solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles will be shown by our distributors for Spain and Portugal at the important trade show Motortec in Madrid, which takes place 30 March – 2 April.

MIAC welcome visitors to their stand 10F10.

Iberequipe welcome visitors to their stand 10A23.

For more information about the Motortec exhibition click on the link below:


Published on Mon Feb 14 15:27:22 2011


AUTOCOM will be represented at the Autopromotec trade show in Bologna to show the products and services. 
Visitors are welcome to booth D39 in hall 30. 


Published on Fri Feb 4 15:41:49 2011

On January 1, 2011, Lars Modig will become AUTOCOM's new Chief Executive Officer, and departing Chief Executive Officer Bengt Andersson will take on the role of Business Developer. Most recently Lars worked at Würth Svenska AB in Örebro, as Financial and IT Director as well as Executive Vice President. Lars is not a new face at AUTOCOM. After several years on the board, he has gotten to know the company and many of the co-workers here at AUTOCOM quite well. On the matter of the decision, Lars answers: - When I was asked to take on the position of CEO at AUTOCOM, it felt like an easy choice. Taking over a well-managed company, with competent personnel, good customers, many very interesting projects, and new products on the agenda, you just can't say no, says Lars.

New leadership means change and here are a few thoughts from Lars.

What is it like to work with you, Lars?

Others should probably answer that question, but my answer is that I am a person who believes in the power of people and their will to continuously develop and improve. A part of my role is to guide so that this power, in the end, benefits our customers and that it's done in a business-like way. I have the ambition to be clear, communicative, and to give people the space and framework they need, so that this development can take place in the best possible way.

What is your and AUTOCOM's most important task, now and in the future?

Most important for AUTOCOM now and in the future is to offer products and services that our customers want. To succeed with this, we will work very closely with our customers and partners, to understand their needs and how they use our products. At the same time we are going to put a lot of effort into staying on the leading edge of technical development, so that we have effective product development. I think we have succeeded with that to date. We also have to keep our good company climate at the same time as we strengthen it, among other things, by identifying and recruiting tomorrow's creative colleagues. I want 2011 to have a lot of "Break The Limits". That we, every one of us, challenge ourselves in our daily work, challenge what we do, our company, and our products. That we question and dare to suggest new creative solutions. And that we do this in cooperation with our customers! That's what drives development forward, that's how we stay sharp and competitive.


Published on Thu Jan 27 09:16:06 2011

This text is only available in Swedish, please contact us for information in English.

Är du teknikintresserad och söker nya utmaningar på jobbet? Se våra utannonserade tjänster här!

Auto Professioneel Netherlands

Published on Tue Jan 25 14:43:59 2011

AUTOCOM distributor Rijpma Equipment in the Netherlands will participate at the important trade show Auto Professioneel in Gorinchem, which takes place 8 – 10 February. Rijpma Equipment will show AUTOCOM diagnostic products and services for cars and commercial vehicles and AUTOCOM diagnostic solutions for periodic vehicle inspection. AUTOCOMs new product SoftBridge Euro 5 (J2534) Pass Thru will also be launched for the Benelux market. 

Rijpma Equipement welcome visitors to their stand number 152.

 For more information about the exhibition:

Auto & Korjaamo exhibition in Helsinki

Published on Tue Jan 25 14:08:08 2011

Our Finnish distributor Suomen Työkalu OY will participate at the important trade show Auto & Korjaamo in Helsinki which takes place 27-29 January. Suomen will show AUTOCOM diagnostic products and services for cars and commercial vehicles and diagnostic solutions for periodic vehicle inspection. AUTOCOMs new product SoftBridge – Euro 5 (J2534) Pass Thru will also be launched on the Finnish market. Suomen welcome visitors to their stand 4b41!

For more information about the exhibition:  

AUTOCOM represented at Automässan - Gothenburg

Published on Fri Jan 7 13:32:17 2011

19-22 januari, AUTOCOM will be represented at the "AUTOMÄSSAN" in Gothenburg. AUTOCOM will be represented together with the swedish distributors. You can meet us at these exhibition-stands:  

Autometric, Autoexperten, Gesab, Meca, Mekonomen, Huzells, Opus Bima och Würth Svenska.

Bengt Andersson in new position

Published on Fri Jan 7 13:30:04 2011

The former CEO at AUTOCOM, Bengt Andersson enters a new roll as Business developer at AUTOCOM. 

Lars Modig - New CEO at Autocom

Published on Fri Jan 7 13:24:14 2011

From january 1, 2011 Lars Modig is new CEO at AUTOCOM. Lars comes from
a position as CFO and Vice-CEO from Würth - Sweden. Lars succeeds
Bengt Andersson who is the founder of the company and CEO since 1991.