Published on Wed Dec 21 15:27:46 2011

AUTOCOM was founded in 1991, in a garage in Sjuntorp, just outside Trollhättan, by Bengt Andersson. Now, 20 years later, the company's world-class diagnostic products have put it firmly on the map. 
An ability to predict the future of the automotive and vehicle diagnostics industry, as well as highly talented employees, constitute two key ingredients in AUTOCOM's recipe for success.
The anniversary was celebrated with a cruise to Tallinn in Estonia.

Foundation and growth

To have started out from a garage in Sjuntorp in 1991 and 20 years later to be an international group doing business globally - that suggests we've been doing something right, declares Bengt Andersson, founder and former CEO of the company, now working on development issues at Würth development company.

The company has grown along with our customers, both large and small, who have provided information on what workshops have asked for while at the same time being given very valuable input on our development work.

Some of the factors that have contributed to the company's growth are the innovations it has introduced to the market. AUTOCOM introduced the first multiplex connection, pocket PC-applikation, Original data and connector with LED-lighting. 

AUTOCOM has grown by an average of 20% per year over the last 10 years, and if we can maintain this pace, we will see AUTOCOM secure a major international presence in the coming years. During 2011, AUTOCOM has employed another 9 staff, and its turnover has increased to almost SEK 100 million.


Factors for success

The company's success can be attributed to visionary thinking, intuition and an understanding of the user's workshop experience. Knowledge of how users perform diagnostics and a development department constantly at the cutting edge of technology create the conditions required to develop products and functions which, even before they are asked for, make diagnostics quicker, more reliable and more efficient. For vehicle owners, this means enhanced safety and less hassle on the road.

– One factor that has played a vital role is that, in the past, we concentrated on building the system around a Windows database, which meant that we didn't have a lot of hard-coding, and that was quite unusual in the early 90s.

– Another, and perhaps ultimately crucial factor for AUTOCOM's success has been its acquisition by Würth. This gives us endurance and knowledge which, along with their distribution network, completely change our presence in the market, explains Bengt Andersson.



To mark AUTOCOM's 20-year anniversary, the entire workforce was invited on a cruise to the beautiful Estonian capital, Tallinn. The event was a great success, with entertaining episodes in AUTOCOM's history presented during an evening of fine food and drink.


Moving forward

For AUTOCOM and its German parent company, it is important to preserve the company's origins. Swedish engineering has always has a special reputation abroad in terms of progression and innovation, and that heritage is something we want to continue to foster. Obviously, this goes hand in hand with knowledge and inspiration from our international partners.

– We are entering an exciting period with a strong owner, and this provides the right conditions to allow us to focus on what we do best: creating the best automotive diagnostic technology and the safest, most reliable conditions for vehicle owners. We will achieve this by continuing to ask questions and coming up with new, creative solutions while recruiting the cream of tomorrow's talent, states AUTOCOM's CEO, Lars Modig.