Published on Mon Dec 19 16:18:34 2011

Moroccan TV and representatives from the technical university, the chamber of commerce and workshops were in attendance as AUTOCOM's new Moroccan distributor, Maroc Diag, launched AUTOCOM's diagnostic products for private and goods vehicles at a major event in Casablanca.

– We never dreamed we'd get this kind of attention when we decided to start investing in North Africa and Morocco, reveals Anders Malm, Sales Manager at Autocom. You can tell there are big things happening in this part of the world. Powerful forces are at work and we are pleased to be a part of it.

AUTOCOM's Sales Manager, Anders Malm, was accompanied in Morocco by Maroc Diag's Key Account Manager, Carola Nyvall. Here they answer questions about the market and conditions affecting vehicle diagnostics in Morocco.

Why are you choosing to establish yourselves in North Africa?
–AUTOCOM is currently in the middle of an intense period of activity, and is investing heavily in strengthening its global presence with a particular focus on emerging markets. Morocco is a good example of a market where AUTOCOM's products can make a big difference by offering quicker, more efficient diagnostics, and that means safer vehicles on the roads. The Moroccan vehicle fleet is a very good fit with the content of AUTOCOM's vehicle database - the ideal scenario for AUTOCOM's diagnostic products.

What is the situation in the Moroccan market?
–There are many European vehicles in Morocco - mostly French mid-range vehicles - and the fleet generally consists of newer vehicles. We see a lot of potential for our CARS and TRUCKS products, and are confident that Maroc Diag is the right partner for the job. Our aim is to become a widely recognised brand in Morocco.

Why has AUTOCOM chosen to work with Maroc Diag?
– Maroc Diag has the right industry contacts to sell our products, and they also offer customers excellent after-sales support. Maroc Diag sells our products primarily through training courses which they hold for workshop mechanics, however they also have their own sales network covering the whole of Morocco.

Maroc Diag works in an interesting way. They create demand for AUTOCOM products through training. Several workshops come together for training courses. There, they learn about AUTOCOM products, as well as how to carry out optimal diagnostics and get the most out of the products. They leave with practical knowledge that they can apply directly in the workshop. This creates benefits for users and a sound basis for the sale of diagnostic equipment.

How will you support Maroc Diag?
We will support Maroc Diag's operations by offering training for their staff, attending trade fairs and tailoring our products to market requirements. Our ability to tailor our products to the needs of the market is one of our main strengths as a supplier, and is appreciated by our own customers and suppliers all over the world.

The future
The future is looking very interesting in Morocco and North Africa. Countries are experiencing strong growth, new regimes have been born and democratic processes are emerging. You can tell there are big things happening in this part of the world. Powerful forces are at work and we are pleased to be a part of the developments.


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