Automechanica reflections

Published on Thu Nov 13 13:48:16 2014



5 days, 4631 exhibitors, 140,000 visitors from 173 countries. Automechanica is big.

Again, we have participated in the recurring fair Automechanica in Frankfurt, Germany.

Automechanica is an international trade fair for the automotive aftermarket and one of the most important trade shows where the market's largest and most important players showcasing their offerings and innovations.


AUTOCOM has participated a number of times and we have the last few years had the same booth space in Hall 8. The theme for this year's stand was "Powered by Sweden" and aimed to highlight the AUTOCOM's origin and history.

The goal of this year's participation was to show product offerings, introduce new features in the software and meet old and new distributors under pleasant circumstances.


The booth was designed with a large meeting space in the middle surrounded by the world map, and product testing stations. On the back of the test stations, we announced features of the CDP+ and our software with links to sections in AUTOCOM´s brand new concept video.


When we look back on Automechanica 2014, we can conclude that from AUTOCOM´s side we are very pleased with our participation. We have had many exciting new contacts, including visitors from the Middle East and Asia. Our new security solution attracted much attention and appreciation. We also highlighted our features ISS, ISI and ISU and gave them some well deserved attention.

Another positive thing, we heard from several retailers, was that many users, who previously used AUTOCOM clones, now see the disadvantages of pirated products and have switched to AUTOCOM original products. Needless to say this makes us overwhelmingly happy.