Published on Wed May 30 09:35:26 2012


We want to know what the users really think about our products, so we visited Johan Jonsson, Managing Director at Auto 4 Stad in Trollhättan, and asked him a few questions.

Why do you use AUTOCOM's products?

We have used AUTOCOM's products since we started in 2006. And I can't think of a single time that we've had any problems with their products. It just works. We use their products primarily because they are so incredibly user-friendly and complete when it comes to model years and car models, but also because it is very easy to learn how the products work, which makes things much easier when we hire new staff. A couple of days of training may be needed to be able to use competitor products, but with AUTOCOM's CDP for example, a new mechanic can be up and running in 10 minutes.

How do you use AUTOCOM's products?

We use AUTOCOM's products every day. Our mechanics use CDP for diagnoses and to perform simple troubleshooting in connection with ordinary vehicle service. But we also have employees who work full-time with AUTOCOM's ADP for more advanced troubleshooting such as parallel measurements, etc.

What's good about AUTOCOM's products?

A major advantage with AUTOCOM is that they are good at keeping their software updated. It is very seldom that any cars or models are missing. And if anything is missing, it usually appears in the next update. AUTOCOM is without a doubt best on the market when it comes to troubleshooting and ordinary service, and if anyone asked me what tool is needed if you were to start an independent workshop, the obvious answer would be AUTOCOM's new CDP+. A simpler and more complete tool would be hard to find.

What trends and challenges do you see in the future as a workshop?

Ever-increasing demands are made of independent workshops to be able to offer everything in one place. At the same time, customers expect it to be a better value for their money, with the same high service quality, or better, than brand-name workshops. Being both cheaper and better than brand-name workshops has been and will continue to be a challenge for independent workshops. And to succeed you need equipment that is fast, simple, and equipment you can trust. In the future, it is not likely that there will be many smaller specialist workshops. Vehicle owners do not want to have to drive around several actors, they want everything car-related in one place. Another trend is that more and more are moving out on the Internet. Booking systems for service have been in use for awhile on the Internet, and more and more 'apps' have appeared for car owners. When the technology has developed even further and businesses have learned to use it in the best way, this will likely see an increase.