New collaboration in vehicle inspection with VTEQ-Spain

Published on Wed May 30 07:25:57 2012

Text from Spanish collaboration partner VTEQs newsletter. 


VTEQ has started a collaboration with the Swedish company AUTOCOM, vehicle diagnostics and service solutions. The main target of this collaboration is to study and define an action plan to start with the Testing of Electronic Control Safety Systems (ECSS) during PTI in some European countries. During the beginning of this month the VTEQ and AUTOCOM staff have visited some PTI companies in Spain, operators like PREVENCONTROL, CERTIO or BARCELEURO who have offered their facilities to allow the feasibility study for implementing ECSS into the PTI procedures.

As EGEA and CITA members, and after the direction adopted by these two organizations, of course the ECSS are part of the future in PTI, having every day more protection and security systems built in the vehicles. It’s a commitment for both companies to study everything concerning these topics and continue being a part of the most recent developments in PTI.
In a brief time we can have a “diagnostic result” from these visits and we can advance in the way needed.

We are pleased to have AUTOCOM, CERTIO, PREVENCONTROL, BARCELEURO and other companies close to us so as to being able to define and develop new PTI systems and procedures, we thank so much everybody involved in this project.



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