Release 1-2014 News and Links

Published on Fri May 23 10:55:29 2014


The CDP was introduced more than
10 years ago and was designed to
handle all known communications
types at that time.

The new CDP+ hardware enables
new possibilities and functionality
not available to the CDP due to
hardware limitations. As the
development of vehicle electronic
systems and communication
standards evolves so do Autocom

Security USB Dongle
A big difference in 2014 Release 1 is
that it requires a Security USB Dongle.
This is to ensure that all valid users
have got access to the data they are
authorized to.

The Security USB Dongle is a
"plug-n-play" solution that replaces
the HW key. This means no more
hassle with codes that needs to be
typed in the installation.

The Security USB Dongle is activated
online, and can be activated from any
computer that has Internet

The Security USB Dongle is paired
with a specific VCI, but can be
moved around to many computers.

All valid users will be supplied with
a Security USB Dongle together with
the release DVD.

Many additions in CARS™
The 2014 Release 1 offers a large
number of new diagnostic
functionalities. More than 11 000
functions in over 300 models have
been implemented or updated.

...and TRUCKS™
The 2014 Release 1 offers a large 
number of new diagnostic functionalities. 
Nearly 3 000 functions in 180 models 
have been implemented or updated. 


Detailed list of updates

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