Published on Thu Dec 11 14:19:46 2014


Focus on reliability and simplicity 
In this release we have focused on making the software more reliable.
Of course there are also new product development implemented.
The software application is made to run quicker and to work smoother. 

ISU - Intelligent System Update
The automatic online update feature in the Diagnostic software is used
more from now on. Previously it has mainly been used to push security
updates and fixes. Now we are looking forward to supply you enhanced
user functionality and increased database content along the way to the
next software release. In this way you can have faster access to our
development. Just make sure your computer is online, connected to
internet, and you will continuously get the latest functions and data.

A database with edge
The CARS and TRUCKS databases have many features and functions
for a wide range of vehicles. Use the Information View - Vehicle selection
in the software to find an overview of each vehicle's diagnostic functionalities.
If you have had the diagnostic tool for some time, please check the latest
range of adapter cables available to improve your work potential. Please contact
your nearest dealer to find out the latest news in the diagnostic product range!

Detailed list of updates
Find a complete list of updates by these links:

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