CARS software

The CARS vehicle software is the brain behind our diagnostics and the database is the foundation for all our solutions. With a valid license, you can access in-depth diagnostics and advanced technical information for an extensive range of makes and models.

CARS is known for being quick, professional and very user-friendly. It has a comprehensive vehicle coverage for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Thousands of professional workshops and vehicle inspections use CARS software on a daily basis.

Covers about 95% of the passenger vehicle park in Europe

With a valid license* you get access to advanced diagnostic technology and vehicle information for about 95% of the normal European vehicle park. That is about all you need to repair and service most passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on the roads.

*applies to our Pro license package

CARS software

CARS is a competent tool with many features that makes your work easier and more efficient.

You can quickly perform service features, troubleshooting, adjustments and activations on vehicle systems. The unique vehicle database includes both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on all kind of fuels as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

Secure Gateway

Seamless diagnose security locked vehicles in our built-in Secure Gateway solution.

CARS together with the hardware ICON has OE- authorization to unlock the OE-gateway. It allows you to access, repair and perform service on vehicles.

Help files

Built-in help files guide you through each task, providing data, images, and clear instructions for each job.

Vehicle battery monitor

Shows you when an additional battery voltage support unit is required.

Automatic updates are seamless and does not disturb you in your work.


A fast and reliable OBD tool for performing statutory emission-related vehicle diagnostics. The information is retrieved via the interface for vehicle communication.

GENERIC is included in the license fee for CARS.

PassThru (J2534)

Perform OE diagnostics and vehicle software updates to your vehicles.

Create an account at the vehicle manufacturers and use ICON as communication bridges between your vehicle and the manufacturer web page/portal or similar.

Flight Recorder

Some vehicle problems only occur during drive. With Flight Recorder you can get this information. Chose the parameters you want to investigate, take the car for a drive and once the problems occur, press “Record”. You will get graphs, showing how the chosen parameters act while the problem occurs. Helping you to identify the problem.

Our products are developed and produced in Sweden