One of the most common types of vehicle fraud in the used car market is manipulated odometers. Odometer manipulation is the disconnection, resetting or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated.

What’s in it for me?

Protect yourself from becoming a victim of manipulated odometers with Autocom CARS iD. With our comprehensive database of raw data on different vehicles, you can ensure that the vehicle has not been manipulated with in any way.

With CARS iD you will perform a full scan of the vehicle and get a complete fraud detection report.

You can easily detect the act of illegally manipulated odometers on a vehicle with our easy to use device.

The Autocom CARS iD fraud detection report contains:

Mileage (Odometer)

Read out the odometer from the various systems in the vehicle that register the mileage number. For example: SRS, ICM and ABS.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Read out the vehicle identification number from various systems. The systems that are available are presented in the report. For example: CEM, ECM, RMR and SCL.

Fault codes

It is easy to find out the status of the vehicle on various systems. Read out fault codes and have them clearly presented in the fraud detection report.

How it works

  1. Plug your VCI into the 16-pin diagnostic socket of the vehicle and start your CARS iD software.
  2. Use the VIN decoder or do a manual vehicle selection.
  3. Start a System Scan of the vehicle and select engine type. This will scan all available systems in the vehicle for fault codes, VIN and mileage. Once the scan is complete the software will automatically connect with Autocom cloud service to perform the identification readout.
  4. After the readout you will receive the fraud detection report showing all available systems in the vehicle, the possible fault codes present and the VIN and odometer reading from multiple system.

Deviating information in the fraud detection report is highlighted in red.

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