Secure Gateway user portal

User guide for the Secure Gateway user portal.

First steps

In order to get access to the locked vehicles and start working with Autocom Secure Gateway you first need to register your company. After that you need to activate the vehicle brands to work with. Both registration and activation takes place in your software for Autocom CARS.

How to:

  1. Open your software Autocom CARS on your PC.
  2. Go to “Settings” in the menu.
  3. Choose “Secure Gateway Registration”.

A registration page is now opened. If this is your first time here, you need to register an account and create a company. That takes about 5-10 minutes.

If you already have an account you can login via the button “Login” shown in the upper right corner.

The process looks a bit different if someone has invited you to an existing company. In that case an email with instructions has been sent to you.

Step 1 – registration

To register, you need to fill in your personal information. It is important that the details match your identification document (passport or drivers license), as you will need to identify yourself with one of those later on.

Only the fields marked with stars (*) are required.

An email with a confirmation code will be sent to your. The code shall be used in the registration page in order to continue the process. The code is valid for 3 days.

When it is time for identification, you have 4 options to choose from:

  • Scan the QR code to identify yourself.
  • Send an email with a link for identification.
  • Send a text message with a link for identification.
  • Continue the identification on your computer.

We recommend that you use your mobile phone for the identification. The camera quality is generally much better than the PC and the process will thereby be smoother.

In this case, we use the QR code.

Once the QR code has been scanned, the page will change while waiting for you to finish the identification.

Identify via mobile phone

This is the mobile phone process in short.

You will be greeted by a welcoming text and a link to the identification service.

Start your identification by pressing the button.

There are multiple ways to identify. Choose whichever works best for you.

Scan your preferred document and confirm that all details are correct. You also need to scan your face after this step to confirm.

Once done you will get a confirmation like this.

Continue registration on the computer

When you are done the page on the computer will update and you’ll have to accept the terms. Read and scroll to the bottom to accept.

The final step of the registration is to add your company.

Once your company is created, you will be redirected to the login page where you can login.

Step 2 – Activation of brands

After the registration you need to continue by activating the Secure Gateway access.

We recommend that you do the activation immediately after the registration. The reason is that you do not want to do this once you have a vehicle waiting for service in front of you.

NOTE! This is especially important for vehicles within the FCA Group since their processing time for the approval might vary.

How to activate:

  1. Go to “Company” in the menu.
  2. Under “VCI” you add your serial number. You find it on the back of your diagnostic tool.
  3. Save.

If you want to add more diagnostic tools you need to contact your distributor.

4. Go to “Brands” in the menu.

5. Chose brand by clicking on the blue arrow in the right side and click “Enable”. Note that more than one brand can be linked and thereby enabled at the same time.

It can take a few minutes for the activation to connect to your diagnostic tool. The diagnostic tool will show yellow light during the process and turn green once ready.

Once it turns green, the activation is ready.

More possibilities

You can do more in the Secure Gateway portal than just registrate and activate. You can also see all your registrated information, edit and update your account as well as invite employees.

You can read more about this below.


Once logged in, you have several options depending on access levels. There are three main roles:

  • Responsible – only one person with responsibility for the whole company. Have all permissions. Assigned to the one who created the account from the beginning. It is possible to change to another person (who needs to accept). Requires identification.
  • Administrator – a user with more permissions than a normal employee. Can for example edit company data, and invite users. Need to be invited from the responsible user. Does not require identification.
  • Employee – the standard role once you get invited. Does not require identification.

The view in this guide is from the responsible users perspective.


You can access your profile on the menu bar on the left.

Here you can change basic information, like your password or profile details.


Access the companies page on the left side bar. The main page shows two cards

  • Overview of your company/companies.
  • Register a new company.

Register a new company

Adding a new company is as easy as adding your first one. You only need to provide all the details.

Companies overview

Once you have two or more companies, the overview will change a bit in order to give you an overview of all your companies. You can click on the name to go to the company page and see the number of employess. You can also have a shortcut to invite more employees.

Manage company

By pressing the name of a company, you’ll access the company page.

These are the actions that a responsible user can do:

  • Invite new employees.
  • Edit your company details.
  • Go to a specific employee.
  • Remove employee.
  • Remove company.

Invite employee

You can invite as many employees as you want. Just add their emails by pressing the ‘Add‘ button. Once you are done, press ‘Send Invitations‘.

The ones invited will get an email with a link. They need to follow the basic registration process. However, they do not need to identify themselves unless they are meant to become the new responsible user.

Edit company

You can adjust your company information by pressing ‘Company’. Do not forget to save your adjustments.


It is possible to go to an employee page by pressing the employee name.

Her is what you can do in the employee page:

  • Changing from employee to administrator and vice versa
  • Removing the employee
  • Making the employee a responsible user for the company

If you want to make another employee responsible, that user will get an email with instructions. The person need to accept becoming the responsible user, as well as identify her/himself if that has not been made yet.


By pressing ‘Settings‘ on the left side menu, you can access some of the most important settings of your account.

  • Changing password
  • Remove account (only for users with access level ‘responsible’)
  • Update email
  • Change language