Inside Autocom

Get to know us better!

Meet Autocom employees from different departments and hear them talk about the work that they do.

First up is Robin Moschini who shares his experiences of working in the product department:

Next up is Fredrik Fassl. Fredrik works at the Diagnostics department where we continuously try to make diagnostics smarter and more reliable.

Are you ready to meet the next employee of Inside Autocom? Sofia Larsson is a manager at the Finance department here at our Swedish HQ, In this short video you get to know what her favourite part about working at Autocom is.

Conny Karlsson is a staff member in the Core Services team and calls himself a Swiss army knife, but what does that mean? Watch this video to find out!

Take a break from whatever you’re doing and come on a tour of our Cargo Development department. In this video, team leader Oskar Pettersson spills the beans on current focus areas and biggest challenges of the department.