Memberships & Organisations

Autocom is a member of, and an influencer in, a number of different forums on the automotive scene to be in the forefront of the development and progress of the industry. Together with our colleagues in the Diagnostic world we strive to make our industry better every day.

You can see a number of these communities and forums below:

These forums are where we as Autocom & WOW Group can act either on influencers from legal aspects, Tier1 influences to the OEM, and new products/ideas before it hits to the market.


  • Standards organisations inside and outside E.U.

Automotive Conferences and symposium.

  • CTI TU Atomotive, Automechanica etc. forums for participants from the Automotive business aftermarket Tools and parts producer


  • CLEPA is the voice of European automotive suppliers, representing over 3.000 companies which employ 5.000.000 employees, invest over €20 billion yearly in R&I and provide solutions for safe, smart and sustainable mobility.


  • FKG (Vehicle Component Group), is the industry organization for the Scandinavian suppliers to the automotive industry. We currently have about 350 member companies to develop as suppliers by actively working as the industry’s spokesperson for industry, politicians, authorities and the media. Also works with creating meeting places, strengthening relationships and opportunities for growth and with the industry’s expertise.

These forums are where we as Autocom & WOW Group can react on the OEM’s products when thy are launched in to the aftermarket.


  • Equipment and Tool Institute in U.S since 1958.


  • European Garage and test Equipment Association in E.U
  • FIGIEFA aims at maintaining free and effective competition in the market for vehicle replacement parts, servicing and repair.


  • CITA is the international association of public and private sector organisations actively practicing compulsory inspection of in-service motor vehicles and their trailers, or with responsibility for authorising and supervising inspection organisations


  • Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.


  • FVU (Vehicle Workshop Equipment) is a trade association consisting of Swedish manufacturers, importers and suppliers of workshop equipment. We consist of just over 20 companies with a turnover of just over 700 million.