30 years of vehicle data!

Time flies when you are having fun. This year Autocom celebrate our 30th anniversary!

It all started in 1991, with a man named Bengt Andersson, his entrepreneurial skills and an idea. Working at Saab Automobile in Trollhättan, Bengt saw great potential in the growing area of vehicle diagnostic solutions, and especially for the independent workshops. He saw what lay ahead in the future. And the rest is history. It started out with one man. Today we are close to a hundred persons, and counting.

We are proud to say that Autocom during these three decades has never been forced to cut personnel. Financial bank crisis in both the early 90’s and the late 00’s, a troublesome volcano in Iceland that grounded all flights, clones and hackers, and now Corona. Whatever the crisis the world has thrown at us, Autocom has handled it with smooth skills and human leadership.

The company is solid from the core, and Autocom is always looking forward. To new business possibilities, new markets and new technical solutions. The future is still where we work today, creating the vehicle diagnostic solutions that has become every users best friend.