This is a big release. There are over 1600 updated posts on 91 different vehicle models. Over 200 are related to brakes and more than 800 are related to engines.

The vehicle database is increased on 8 different brands, models, year models and systems. Mainly on year models between 2005 and 2021.

Here are some of the highlights:

DAFLF Euro 6, VTG (Variable Turbo Geometry) calibration.
IsuzuNew D-max 2021 model, basic systems.
IvecoEuro 6 vehicles, improved coverage, engine versions.
MANTG3 models, improved coverage, many new systems.
MercedesCoverage improvement on all Euro 6 vehicles.
Scania BusEuro 6, new climate system developed (diagnostics are made in a separate diagnostic socket).
Volvo/RenaultEuro 6, exit inducement mode after NOx errors.
Volvo TrucksEuro 5, manual help file for use when parking heater is blocked.