Our products & solutions

Our vehicle diagnostics products are the result of a genuine passion for problem-solving and a service mindset.

Our product range consists of high-tech, user-friendly and reliable solutions developed for vehicle workshops, vehicle inspection companies, vehicle fleet owners, salvage organisations, Police, armed forces and schools.


Since 1991, we at Autocom have developed world-leading hardware and software for automotive diagnostics. Today, we also offer a range of products and services that provide effective flows for both one-man workshops and large workshop chains.

Real time vehicle data


Over almost 30 years, Autocom has built up a massive database of raw, vehicle specific data that can provide access to every system in a vehicle. Our offer covers both cars and heavy commercial vehicles.


Our vision is to provide the right vehicle information when and where it is needed. Among other achievements, we were among the first in the world to offer an online vehicle diagnostics solution, which the Swedish vehicle testing company (Bilprovningen) has been using since 2010.

Online diagnostics


Preventative maintenance is a lucrative area in which many parties in the automotive industry can save a lot of time, energy and resources. The possibilities are limitless thanks to our raw database of vehicle specific information.


Vehicle technical solutions are getting ever more advanced, and with them the needs to communicate with vehicles in real time. Our raw data has every base covered when it comes to providing reliable and accurate information.

communicate with vehicles in real time.