The right training can help you use our products to their full potential, letting you become more efficient and productive in the workshop. We strongly believe that if we equip our workshops with the right knowledge we will be better off together.

Autocom can provide distributors and customers with training in everything from management of equipment to advanced marketing and sales.

The training is to a large extent based on practical case studies and is tailor made to individual customer requirements. It is of great importance to Autocom that customers feel confident in the use of their selected products in order to realise the full potential of their diagnostic equipment.

The training can be carried out at Autocoms facilities in Trollhättan, Sweden, or where it’s required. Everyone who attends training at Autocom is awarded with an Autocom Professional Training Certificate as a proof of competence.

For more information about training contact Autocom.

Download brochure: Vehicle Diagnostics - The AUTOCOM way.