With the TRAILER software powered by our affiliated company WABCOWÜRTH comes the possibility to perform brand-specific diagnosis on Haldex, Knorr and WABCO systems. With access to OEM level data from Haldex and WABCO, there is every possibility for full diagnostics, including programming and calibration functions of new electronic control units (ECU).

With the software, it is easy to communicate with a trailer’s ECU. Read and erase possible fault codes on a trailer with original data. You can also read ECU codes in order to quickly determine where an error is located.

Some features in the software:

• General status of the ECU
• Read out and erase fault codes
• Service light reset

• Read out and change the ECU’s configuration
• Perform EOL tests
• Generate reports of EOL test and ECU status


Autocom TITAN is an advanced diagnostic tool. It is developed to give workshops the opportunity to a faster, simpler and more reliable vehicle diagnosis on trucks, trailers and buses.

TITAN contains powerful processors and components specifically chosen in order to handle new stringent requirements for the flow of information.

Product training program

With the Autocom PIN code you can only perform basic functionality on a trailer. To be able to perform advanced diagnostics you need to attend the Haldex Training and the WABCO Academy product training program.

After a successful training, you get a certificate from Haldex and/or access to the diagnostic software PIN code which will activate all functionalities for WABCO in the software.

Haldex certificate

Have you received a certificate from Haldex training?
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