Battery charger and battery support unit (BSU)

Do you need to stabilise the vehicle’s battery while performing diagnostic readouts or software downloads? Do you want to guarantee the performance of the battery and the vehicle’s on-board electronics in a vehicle showroom or at an exhibition?

We’ve got you. Autocom CHARGER will solve all that, and more!

Vehicles today are highly technological and the battery needs to work hard. In order for the battery to perform as it should, it needs to be charged. A well-functioning battery charger is a good investment for your business. It is an easy, flexible and safe insurance that the vehicle always starts.

Why you need a battery charger

Having a good and powerful BSU will save your time as well as keep the voltage of the vehicle perfectly stabilised.

Autocom CHARGER are easy to move and easy to use. Use them when performing service and repair in a workshop, when showing vehicles that are up for sales, at exhibitions et cetera. The vehicle owners will be thankful that you do not leave them a vehicle with a badly charged battery.

CHARGER is produced in cooperation with GYS France.


In the modern workshop, there is a shortage of time and money. A professional and reliable BSU is crucial in order to be as efficient as possible. With Autocom CHARGER you get what you need to diagnose, re-program, and update all kind of vehicle systems. Quickly, safely and efficiently. Always keeping the batteries charged and in good condition.

In cooperation with GYS France, we have selected some really competitive 6V, 12V and 24V battery chargers for cars, buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles. They are user-friendly, reliable, and packed with advanced technology.

There are a lot of advantages with CHARGER. They are both well protected thanks to the durable casing with shock- and vibration absorbing pads. You can bring sulfated batteries back to life and both units can also take on odd voltages, like the 16V Tesla batteries.


Powerful and smooth unit for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

  • Supports up to 120A.
  • For 12V lead or lithium batteries between 5 – 1500 Ah.
  • Low height (13 cm) allows the device to fit underneath a vehicle.


Robust unit with a wide range of use for the entire vehicle fleet, such as motorcycles, trucks, buses, agriculture vehicles, road side equipment and others.

  • Supports up to 100A.
  • For 6, 12 or 24V lead or lithium batteries from 5 – 1200 Ah.
  • Cable reel on the front.
  • To be placed on a wall, a trolley or a vehicle lift.

What is a BSU and is it important to have a charger?

Today’s cars can have as many as 200 Electronic Control Units (ECUs) handling important electronic tasks. Some of them continue running in the background, even when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off.

A BSU guarantee a continuous power supply to these functions, preventing any potential battery or electronics failures during diagnostic procedures and other occasions.