Workshop diagnostics

Since 1991, we at Autocom have developed world-leading hardware and software for automotive diagnostics. Today, we also offer a range of products and services that provide effective flows for both one-man workshops and large workshop chains.


Our user-friendly and professional vehicle diagnostics solutions with the intelligent CARS, TRUCKS, GENERIC and CHECK software are used alongside CDP+ in workshops and on vehicle inspections all around the world. They include DoIP communication and have an integrated “Info System”.


Info System is a highly effective and cost-effective information system from HaynesProTM, developed for professional workshops. The system includes a comprehensive technical database based on OEM documentation and it is the perfect option for CARS and for any TRUCK. There are three versions of Info System: Basic, Plus and Max.


Our mobile device with integrated battery tests the signals and lights on trailers quickly, safely and easily. The LCD display shows fault codes immediately on site and you can also test the bogie axle’s lifting function.


This mobile product solution is specifically designed for the calibration of the assistance system on trucks, busses and van ADAS systems. The corresponding reference targets allows all work to be carried out on-the-spot within the customer premises.


ADAS Cars Calibration is a mobile product solution for the calibration of cars. The equipment is ideal for glass and repair workshops.

Our user-friendly products provide effective flows for both one-man workshops and large workshop chains. Police, vehicle inspectors, vehicle fleet owners, towing companies, armed forces and schools are other examples of users of our products.