Autocom safety measures COVID-19

The current global pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 is affecting all people and all companies world wide.

To prevent our employees and secure our business we have, besides following the recommendations and guidelines from the Swedish government, implemented a number of safety measures.

We belive in that people work best together and encourage face to face meetings, however we are not able to apply this for the time beeing.
Therefore we have implemented restrictions for international and domestic travel and visitors. We have separated staff in open offices in favor of home offices and implemented shift work system at our warehose. We have also identified and secured redundance in critical company functions.

We are ready to take further measures, if the situation demands it, but our absolute ambition is to despite these measures maintain full operations and support the business with our partners during and efter the crisis.

Even in the critical situation we are right now, Autocom:
– Staff is fully operative from office and home office.
– Sales teams are there to support your business.
– Product teams are there to support the operation of current and new customers.
– Development teams are there to prepare the next product updates.
– Finance and administration teams are there to support your business.

In this critical situation we are there for you.

Rick Petterson Vice CEO