Vehicle data

For over 30 years, Autocom has built up a massive database of raw, vehicle specific data that can provide access to every system in a vehicle. Our offer covers both cars and light- and heavy commercial vehicles.

Real-time vehicle data

With more precision, accurate values and vehicle data in real time, you can access information that will save you a considerable amount of time and money, not to mention how it can help save the environment. A car hire company, for example, can get a more accurate fuel level and then charge for the number of litres a customer actually uses.

Real time vehicle data
Unlimited possibilities

Unlimited possibilities

Identifying flows, different values, consumption, wear, the frequency of problems on different vehicles and in different markets – we can offer a vast amount of customised data. The data we provide can be used for different kind of calculations in order to get better control of vehicles, e.g the actual service need of an entire fleet. For a company with a large fleet this could mean huge savings.

We have the data. You create the solution.