ADAS CARS Calibration

Autocom ADAS CARS Calibration is a mobile product, designed specifically for the calibration of the assistance systems on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The equipment is ideal for glass and repair workshops. 

Your advantages

  • Secure solution
  • Fast set-up
  • Time saver
  • Easy handling
  • One-person operation
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Wide brand coverage
  • Generate additional sales

Mobile and flexible

The mobile calibration device with reference targets works on most brands and models and are developed in accordance with manufacturer specifications. The equipment is easy to transport and has short set-up-time. That makes it ready for use on the spot in practically no time.

Our calibration boards are double side printed and can be used as targets for different vehicles. So if you buy one calibration board, you can use it on two different brands. The rig is also wider than others, which makes it possible to use even for transport vehicles like LCV (light commercial vehicles).

ADAS CARS Calibration set-up

How it works

During a test of advanced driver assistance system, camera calibration for example, use the calibration boards as reference spot after given measurements from the OE. Activate the camera calibration through diagnostics commands in the Autocom CARS software.

The camera reads the target pattern for the specific vehicle. And then processed by the camera unit to confirm that the values are correct. If the camera unit finds values outside the tolerance, the system will notice this and give a DTC (fault code) in the software. A warning light will also be displayed in the vehicle.