Autocom AVILOO

Check high voltage batteries on electric and hybrid vehicles

Autocom AVILOO is one of few solutions to test the actual status of high voltage vehicle batteries. It is super easy and you get a full report of the battery health.
You only need an Autocom AVILOO unit to plug into the vehicle’s OBD socket.
The results will be sent to your e-mail.

3 minute electric vehicle battery check

You are standing in front of a used electric vehicle, wondering about the status of the high voltage battery. How can you check the remaining capacity?

Autocom AVILOO can help you. Connect the unit to the car and it will perform a full battery check in about 3 minutes. You then get a report of the battery status to show the customer or to the vehicle fleet manager of your company.

You can also perform a comprehensive battery test, where you get the battery analysed during drive. This test takes more time.


Autocom AVILOO unit

Easy to connect

Test reports

Sent to your e-mail

Gain of customer trust

Done deal

Your benefits with Autocom AVILOO

Get the answers you need
Gain of customer trust
Enables a more correct vehicle pricing
Easy to use
Informative reports
TÜV-certificated battery certificate
CARA certification (

Two tests – FLASH and PREMIUM

There are two test options to choose from. FLASH or PREMIUM. Both give you real time battery information and status. Check battery condition, State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH) and much more.

FLASH is quick while PREMIUM gives you more comprehensive information on the status of the battery.


The fastest battery test. Detects possible
defects and determines the functionality
of the traction battery.

  • 3 minute battery analysis
  • Testing on parked vehicle
  • Receive a test report

How a FLASH Test is done

  1. Plug the unit to the vehicle
  2. Ignition on

The battery check starts (the LED flashes yellow).
The test takes about 3 minutes (the LED turn green).

A test report is now sent to your e-mail.


The most comprehensive battery test. Provides
exact battery information and a TÜV certified
battery certificate.

  • Detect possible defects on the battery
  • Battery is analysed during drive
  • Independently measured SoH

How PREMUIM Test is done

  1. Plug the unit to the vehicle
  2. Charge the vehicle to 100%
  3. Follow the instructions you have received
  4. Drive the vehicle from 100% to 10% charge level in the course of your ordinary driving. You have up to 7 days to do this.

A certificate will be sent to your e-mail in a few days

How to order Autocom AVILOO

For more technical information, please visit the Aviloo website. Click on the first button below.

To order the Autocom AVILOO, simply contact an official Autocom distributor. Click the second button below to see all our distributors.