Autocom Illegal Piracy

Counterfeit Autocom products

The allure of buying counterfeit products are obvious, especially for products that are unique and popular. Counterfeiting is the goal for people who want to get something for nothing. It is perhaps not news that there are Chinese copies of our products out in the markets. We know that we develop and sell products and services that truly help our customers and our community. Come to think of it, who would copy something that is not truly great?

In a way, it is flattering and it is a confirmation for our hard work which makes our products well sought after. But unfortunately, it affects not just us. Those who buy these counterfeit products may not be having the same functionality or software that is updated. And above all, they do not have access to all our knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years. Ultimately, this affects also the vehicle drivers who risk driving around in unsafe vehicles.

Counterfeits exist for both our software and our hardware. In the beginning only a few copies were discovered in 2011 but circulation has escalated over the years which creates problems for us, our distributors and ultimately our customers, who are at risk of buying faulty and illegal products. The theft of intellectual property is a form of crime and has serious consequences. In the worst case, cheap counterfeits can lead to incalculable technical risks and are of inferior quality. We therefore take legal action and do our best to prevent the sale of counterfeits.

The constant technical development of our products is very important to us, so that we can guarantee you, our customer, a permanent quality assurance.

Through regular updates, our products offer both technical updates and permanent functionality. Our original products support your safety and professionalism. We work technically and service-oriented, so that we are always one step ahead of the counterfeiters.

At first glance, these copies may look like original products but at a closer look they differ considerably. Please scroll down to learn how to spot the differences.

If you have accidentally purchased a counterfeit or are aware of the illegal sale of a counterfeit, please do not hesitate to contact your local distributor or us. Send us an email with as much information as possible to and we will take care of it.

Thank you !

Spot the differences

Pirated CDP+

There are several ways to identify a copy

The genuine CDP+ has a hologram sticker marked VCI with “Original” as hologram picture. Copies might have a printed CE sticker with mirror effect. 

The cable attachment to the VCI body is in line on the genuine CDP+. On copies it is most often an edge rise. Also the attachement is sometimes made with long d-sub screws on the copies.

Legal action

All use of such counterfeit products constitutes a crime against copyright infringement laws and is punishable under Swedish and International laws.

Do you know someone who uses or sells illegal copies of Autocom products; we would love to hear from you. Send us as much information as possible to If you have by accident, bought an AUTOCOM product that proved to be fake, you can contact AUTOCOM or any of our distributors for more information.

Pirated CDP

There are several ways to identify a clone

The overlay (CDP adhesive sticker) may be different. Originals have a raised sticker marked Original Data, while copies have a printed sticker. 

On copies there may also be a profile of a car and also ISS and ISI logos are present, which are not on the originals. 

The originals have rubber ends, which are not on the copies.  If you have access to both an original and a copy, you can also see that the connection for the 16-pin plug and the Bluetooth antenna is different.

Original is always the best 

As explained above, it can be difficult to distinguish between originals and copies. If you are uncertain whether a product you are buying is an Autocom original or a copy, do not hesitate to contact one of our distributors, who will confirm easily whether it is an original, high quality product.

 Remember that buying Autocom original products gives you a lifetime guarantee, provided you have a valid license, as well as access to all of Autocom’s collective expertise and spare parts.

In other words, it pays to buy an original

Why take the risk?

You are risking the lives of many motorists by using a tool that provides inaccurate and counterfeit information; information that neither have been tested nor verified by qualified personnel, which in turn causes malfunction of systems in a vehicle. We have confirmed cases where counterfeit products have caused ECUs to be completely damaged thus putting the safety of many road users at risk.

10 Reasons to avoid Counterfeits

1. You endanger the life and safety of all road users by using a tool that provides inaccurate or even false information and is not verified by qualified personnel.

2. It is illegal and supports organized crime.

3. There are no technical updates, so the software is very outdated.

4. There is no warranty.

5. There is no customer service or technical support.

6. There are economic damages for company and customer:
• Additional financial expense for property damage or even personal injury.
• Software damage in the car due to hidden viruses in the counterfeit software.
• Jobs will be lost.
• Public authorities must be paid for the purpose of criminal prosecution.

7. The quality of the counterfeits is inferior and susceptible to damage to cables and hardware.

8. Bad for your company’s image and damages your credibility.

9. You support the theft of intellectual property and disregard the life and work of other people.

10. You support poor working conditions in Asian countries, where the counterfeits come from.

Examples of pirated units