CARS software demo

It is important for us that you as a mechanic get your job done in the easiest, but still most professional way. A good diagnostic solution is one that you hardly think about. It just works, it is correct and it is supporting you in your daily business.

Our softwares are known for being easy to use, quick and correct. We collaborate with many vehicle manufacturers and use their data in our software.

In our digital demo, you can take a look at how smooth and easy our CARS software is. You can see how the vehicle selection is, how to find the OBD-socket in a car, how to read and erase fault codes, how to make adjustments and activations and more. Enter the demo and click on the green markings to continue through the software.

Please note that this is a pre-programmed demo and that the functionality therefore is limited.

Autocom CARS software

CARS is a competent diagnostic software with functions that help you identify the vehicle in seconds and it scans the entire vehicle in a few minutes. Do service resets, read and erase fault codes, perform adjustments, activations and more.

CARS is developed and produced in Sweden, by Autocom.

Get a live demo

A real demo is of course the best.

Please contact any of our official distributors for more information and a full demo.