Making vehicles talk

ICON is a diagnostic tool that, together with our softwares, makes vehicles talk to us. And we to them! Connect to, access, scan, read, erase and update vehicle data in most brands. Today and tomorrow!

ICON allow you to expand your current business, grow with your existing customer base and to find new ones.

Get the job done. Quickly. Accurately. And confidently!

The quicker you can finish a job, the sooner you can start working on the next one. ICON together with our softwares help you to easily find the root cause of a problem and it gives you guidance in how to solve it.

Helpful features and an ever-growing database of vehicles are a few of the advantages that provide you with assistance to solve the problem both fast and professional.

Key features and benefits:

Integrated DoIP
Supporting CAN-FD

Guided Diagnostics
Flight Recorder

Getting the job done

• Work with a wider group of vehicles
• A huge database that cover most needs
• More efficient use of resources
• Fewer mistakes and revisits

Making more money

• Work faster and more economical
• Service more vehicles per day
• Handle more problems in house
• Pay for what you use

Creating new revenue streams

• Servicing electrical and hybrid vehicles
• Offer new services and concepts
• Keep up with the development
• Staying up to speed

Improving loyalty and customer experience

• Get the job done right the first time
• Only letting safe vehicles leave your workshop
• Give customers a wider-than-service experience
• Reduce the risk of customer going elsewhere

The future is in flux. And electric.

We are living in changing times where not only the vehicle itself is undergoing significant changes. The role of the vehicle is changing in families, companies, and in our society. The advancements in vehicle technology are exploding and new technology eras are evolving. The care for the environment results in new solutions and there are financial uncertainties to tackle.

New vehicle ecosystems pop up and the consumers and vehicle owners demand more than just a vehicle that works. They demand an experience. Autocoms vision is to guide the journey to safer vehicles on the roads and by doing so, we also embed experiences to people.

Perform a complete vehicle diagnostics with our softwares:

CARS contains about 40,000 unique system selections and TRUCKS over 18,500. Numbers that grow by every release. CARS includes both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with all kinds of fuel, electrical and hybrid vehicles. TRUCKS is for heavy goods vehicles, trailers and buses.

Want to know more?

Is it time to expand your current business? Do you want to find new customers and let your customer base grow further? Then contact your nearest distributor for more information on how to proceed.