Info System

Info System is the perfect choice for our softwares CARS and TRUCKS – a professional workshop information system that provides you with detailed descriptions of how to fix the problems identified with your vehicles, after troubleshooting.

All the technical data you need

Info System provides all the technical data the modern workshop could conceivably need. The perfect choice for professional workshops that need everything… and that little bit extra.

All information is delivered from HaynesPro®, one of the world’s leading supplier of technical data.

Some of the features

• Shows how to solve the identified problems. Step by step.
• Technical drawings including torque values
• Electronic diagrams – easier to understand compared to most OE
• Service bulletins linked to digital trouble codes
• Recall data directly from OE

Info System for CARS provides customers with technical data for over 98% of the European carpark. With Info System garages have access to around 90% of the technical data they need for the maintenance and repair jobs they execute.

The technical data is identical to OE data since it is sourced directly from the car manufacturers.

Info System icon

High return on investment

The investment of an Info System license is earned back in just a few months when regularly used.

• 90% of the needed technical data is reached within seconds
• Finds root causes for digital fault codes fast, easy and reliable
• Less conflicts with customers about invoices
• Reduces executed jobs with low or negative profit margins