Vehicle diagnostic software – made easy

Less clicks on your computer – more time to fix the problems. Autocom CARS and TRUCKS are vehicle diagnostic software for all kind of professional vehicle workshops. Covering all major vehicle brands with all kinds of fuel, electrical and hybrid vehicles. And, it is quick and easy to use.

Proven benefits for you as a user: very easy to use, super quick read out of fault codes, communicating with more parts of the vehicles than most competitors do and built on real OE data. All this means that you can service more vehicles, in less time. Saving you money, increasing your business.

To perform diagnosis, service and repair on vehicles, you also need the ICON hardware. Together with CARS and TRUCKS, ICON communicate with the vehicle.

You need a valid license on your software to get access to the necessary parts needed for every professional workshop business. Read and erase fault codes, make adjustments and activations, download and upgrade the OE vehicle software, get Secure Gateway access, and a lot more.

If you work with passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, then CARS software is the right choice for you.

If you work with heavier vehicles like trucks, buses, trailers and light commercial vehicles, you need the software TRUCKS.


Contains about 40,000 unique system selections.
For both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.


About 19,000 unique system selections.
For heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and buses.

Covering 95% and with monthly updates

CARS software cover over 40,000 specific vehicle systems on over 1,400 vehicle models. That means a coverage of
about 95% of the passenger vehicle park in Europe.

TRUCKS software cover about 19,000 specific vehicle systems on over 760 models. It also include real OE access to chosen brands. 

The software and its database is updated every month. 

Same looks – saves time

Unlike many competitors, Autocom software always have the same look, no matter what vehicle brand you work with. This makes it easier for you in every aspect.

System Scan

In only a few minutes, System Scan scans through all the systems in the vehicle and displays the possible fault codes that are stored in each system. You get a quick overview of the actual status of the entire vehicle. When the System Scan is complete, you can select a specific control system to analyse the results further on. A real time saver!

Help functions

For most OBD functions, such as adjustments and programmings, there are detailed instructions and help texts to assist you in your diagnostic work. You will find step by step information about what and how you need to perform various functions; making even the most complex function simple to perform.

Report function

To gain your customers trust, it is important that you can show what you have done with their vehicle. With the built-in report function in our software, you can add fault codes, show graphs and other information from real-time data. Print the final results and you have a professional report for your customers.

OBD functions

In the vehicle selection, when model and system is specified, you will see adjustments and adaptations available for this selection, without having the vehicle connected. For each function there is also a step by step guide for easy performance. Available real time data parameters are also shown in the vehicle selection view.