Diagnostic tools

Our vehicle diagnostic tools is the result of a genuine passion for problem-solving and a service mindset. Our product range consists of high-tech, user-friendly and reliable solutions developed for vehicle workshops, vehicle inspection companies, vehicle fleet owners, salvage organisations, Police, armed forces and schools.


ICON is our diagnostic hardware for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers and buses. Packed with smooth and helpful functions and features. Integrated DoIP, PassThru (SAE J2534), CAN-FD to mention a few.

With AutoVIN, Quick Connect BT and more, ICON together with our software will be every mechanic’s best help.


With a stable and reliable construction and with our comprehensive vehicle coverage, you have the opportunity to read and delete fault codes and turn off the service light on both old and new vehicles in a safe and efficient manner.

Perform a complete vehicle diagnostics with our softwares:

CARS contains about 40,000 unique system selections and TRUCKS over 18,500. Numbers that grow by every release. CARS includes both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with all kinds of fuel, electrical and hybrid vehicles. TRUCKS is for heavy goods vehicles, trailers and buses.

Our diagnostic tools

Our hardwares are quick and reliable diagnostic tools serving as links between vehicle and the software. Our hardwares features a unique multiplexer technology that allows it to be used regardless of voltage level and communication standard.

For those vehicles that do not use the standard 16-pole connector, we offer a complete set of verified and adjusted adapter cables.